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New Ford Explorer Hybrid Limited: Reliability Leads to Success

The Ford Explorer has been one of the most popular SUVs in the United States for the past 30 years that's why sales of these hardy and brutal SUVs have skyrocketed. The first generation of cars entered the market in1990. Since then SUVs have taken the leading positions and dominated the most important class of the American market after pickups. After a 20-year break the Explorer is again officially offered in Europe. The sixth generation is also available in a hybrid version now. The Ford Explorer plug-in offers a completely new concept of convenience. This is ensured not only by the large and spacious interior but also by a number of innovative technologies that make every trip a little more pleasant. With seven different drive modes and intelligent all-wheel drive you can navigate almost any terrain. And with intelligent cruise control including Traffic Jam Assistant with Stop & Go you can reach your destination with maximum peace of mind even on long journeys and in heavy traffic.

Space matters

The new Ford Explorer Hybrid Limited measures 5.05 meters by 2.28 meters and looks like a small family wagon. With such a car, there is enough space for everyone. On a trip out of town you can take not only everything you need but also the floor of the house to boot. The car exceeds all dimensions of Ford models known in Europe. The SUV is an ideal family car suitable for everyday life and leisure. This is mainly due to the incredible amount of space: in the first row you can sit on a throne in thick leather chairs, in the second the Explorer easily bypasses the Mercedes E-Class with head and knee room. If you want to save yourself from the need to climb into the surprisingly comfortable reclining chair in the third row at the touch of a button you can let the furniture disappear into the floor at lightning speed. When the tailgate swings open with a gentle push the luggage compartment opens and looks more like a cargo plane than a tourist clipper. After all it can hold up to 2,274 liters.

Large comfortable lounge

If you decide to buy such a car you automatically acquire the highest level of comfort while driving along noisy city streets and on the Autobahn. The developers took into account all the needs of the driver to the smallest detail. Driving such a device is a real pleasure causing genuine emotions of complete delight. The cabin contains:

  • a dozen cup holders;
  • shelves with a total capacity of 123 liters;
  • electric assistant for every step;
  • gadgets and gimmicks such as fast-charging USB connectors;
  • Wi-Fi access point;
  • wireless charging stand.

Visually the Explorer looks strikingly good with its optional sporty black elegant chrome grille, clean lines and rear end. Inside it is designed like a boutique hotel. The climate control system will create a pleasant atmosphere inside. The new improved display is equipped with additional functions to make it as convenient for the driver as possible to perform all additional manipulations while driving.


In addition to the brutal impressive appearance of the car and the luxurious interior powerful technical characteristics are also added:

  • 3.0 liter V6 petrol engine plus 100 hp electric motor;
  • the battery has 13.1 kWh and a power reserve of 42 km;
  • 10-speed transmission and four-wheel drive;
  • system power 336 kW / 457 hp and 840 Nm;
  • empty weight - 2466 kg max;
  • acceleration up to 100 km / h in 6.0sec;
  • maximum speed 230 km / h;
  • consumption (NEDC) - 2.9 liters Super and 20.5 kWh / 100 km, 66 g CO₂ / km.

Every official dealer will confirm that the longer you travel with the new Explorer the more consistent the overall concept becomes.

How to buy in the best way

Want to buy a Ford Explorer without much hassle and paperwork? Entrust this process to our company. We have been in the automotive market for many years. We know absolutely everything about high-quality and proven cars as well as the procedure for buying and selling. Convenient service "dealer near me" allows each client to see the car they like not only on the website but also in reality. So you can inspect the proposed object of purchase from all sides, sit in the cabin, get under the hood and even take a test drive. Cooperation with us has a number of important advantages:

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  • information and legal support at all levels of cooperation.

We guarantee that with our company assistance you can buy a car that will exactly match your wishes and serve for many years while maintaining its power and presentable appearance.




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