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New Ford F-250 Super Duty – strength and power

Ford F-250 Super Duty is a series of huge pickup trucks that are distinguished by their massive appearance, high-quality filling and comfortable equipment. The first model appeared in 1953. Initially for such machines 2 types of gasoline engines were proposed. Every year the power of the engines changed and the cars became stronger and more maneuverable. It is one of the most attractive machines on the market today. For 43 years in the United States sales of these trucks were in high demand.

An updated version of the series was released in 2004. It has been still producing. This is a model with a formidable streamlined appearance, a massive radiator grille and a large bumper. These vehicles belong to the line of commercial pickup trucks with high payload levels.

New versions of the car appeared in 2020. They are equipped with a different gasoline engine and a turbodiesel engine. A 10-speed gearbox is offered for each powertrain. Such machines are the best in terms of power and torque characteristics in this class. They received an updated package of options. As a result the pickups turn into real SUVs.

Appearance of cars of the Ford F-250 Super Duty series

Cars of this series are vehicles with an attractive appearance. Large body sizes and wheels add aggressiveness and power to cars. Severity and dynamism are visible at first sight. Each new version received some changes not only under the hood but also in appearance. For example a large radiator grille is noticed in the latest version. It allows for good cooling of the engine at high loads. It completely changes the classic design of the car.


The Tremor Off-Road package is one of the striking additions to the new versions of cars in this series. Thanks to it the off-road characteristics of cars are improved and the appearance also changes. This package comes with 35” tires which are great for heavy duty pickups. Matte black wheels add aggressiveness and uniqueness to the image. Also 10.8-inch ground clearance and improved flotation performance is included in the Tremor package. Reconfigured suspension, upgraded shock absorbers, a new ride mode, underbody protection plates are just a few of the options included in this package.

Also the new Ford F-250 is equipped with powerful gasoline or diesel engines. The base power plant has a capacity of 6.2 liters. It is mated with a 6 or 10-speed transmission and capable of delivering 385 horsepower.

The new gasoline engine produces 430 h/p and is the most powerful engine that can be equipped in a Super Duty. For those who want a car with a high level of traction it is worth choosing a complete set with a diesel engine producing 475 h/p. With such an engine the car can pull a 15-ton trailer. Therefore the sale of such pickups is in great demand. This powerful vehicle is able to overcome any difficulties.


The interior space of the new versions of the cars has not received any striking changes. The classic design is enhanced by leather and plastic trim. The interior of the cars is quite spacious. The seats are equipped with a heating function. They are comfortable and that's why you can overcome long trips with convenience. The car can accommodate 5 people. The driver's seat is optimally positioned and provides excellent visibility through the windshield and rear window. The steering wheel is multifunctional. It contains buttons for music control, cruise and climate control. To purchase a car of this series you can use  "dealer near me" service in the search system. This service is provided by our company.

Complete sets of cars of the Ford F-250 Super Duty series

Cars of this series have the following standard equipment:

  • parking sensors;
  • central lock;
  • telescopic steering column;
  • driver's airbag;
  • two speakers;
  • side curtain airbags;
  • on-board computer;
  • anti-lock brake system.

Optional equipment for Ford F-250 Super Duty vehicles includes:

  • navigation system;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • climate control;
  • 8-cylinder turbodiesel engine.

Other optional accessories may vary depending on the version of the machine and include: an element for clearing snow, a device for traction. Additional information about cars of this series will be provided by an official dealer. Besides he will help to make the purchase of a car more profitable.

The vehicles from the Ford F-250 Super Duty series feature a high-strength military-grade aluminum alloy body which ensures the strength and durability of the vehicle over long periods of use. A large number of tests have proven that such pickups are capable of withstanding not only any load but also be powerful tractors. To buy a car of his line means to acquire a strong "beast" capable of overcoming off-road conditions, providing comfort and safety to the driver.


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