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New Ford F-350 Super Duty – full-size heavy pickup generation

The new series of F-350 Super Duty vehicles began in 2006. The exterior changes were highlighted by a new hydroformed frame, which greatly exceeded the rigidity of the previous versions. The design of the rear suspension with springs and the front independent suspension has been updated. The car body is made of aluminum alloy.

The pickups of this line have a full-fledged cabin, which can accommodate 5 passengers. The salon is finished with quality materials and equipped with a wide range of equipment. For example, when opening a door, illumination on the pedal unit and thresholds turns on. To maintain the microclimate, climate control is used. The audio system includes 16 speakers. The sale of pickups from this series is in great demand, since this transport is striking in its power and strength, as well as impressive external data.

Appearance of cars

The exterior of the F-350 Super Duty is distinguished by its overall dimensions and massive, straight lines of design. The bonnet is straight but slightly sloped. The front is equipped with vertical 3-section headlights. A large grille is located between them. The bumper is equipped with a special socket for air intake. On the side parts of the bumper there are niches in which the fog lights are installed. The car is distinguished by massive convex wheel arches, a protective body kit is located above them. There are parking lights on the aft pillars. Metal decorative elements can be seen on the tailgate. In general, this vehicle at first glance is striking in its massiveness. It is able to emphasize the individuality of its owner.

Salon interior

The new Ford F-350 Super Duty has an impressive interior design - it is made to a high standard. The seats have elastic cushions at the base that provide support for the legs. They are equipped with lateral support, headrests are located on the backs. The doors are installed with high armrests, which are equipped with buttons for raising the windows. Opposite the rear seats is a cabinet with a display and buttons for climate control. The front seats are separated by a leather box. On the front panel there is a center console, which is finished with aluminum inserts. There are also controls for sound, climate control and a multimedia system. Also, the car is equipped with a multifunctional steering wheel, on which there are many buttons for adjusting the settings. There is a large screen behind the wheel, where the scale and all information from the on-board computer are shown.

The manufacturer offers several configuration options that provide different levels of comfort. Therefore, you can choose any of them. More information on this will be provided by an official dealer. He will also help you choose a car based on personal preferences.

Other characteristics of a car from the series F-350 Super Duty

Depending on what kind of cargo will be, the manufacturer offers 2 engines: gasoline with a volume of 6.2 liters and a turbodiesel with 6.7 liters. These two powertrains are the most powerful of the pickup line. The car is able to operate efficiently even at full load.

Even a long trip will be comfortable with a large trailer. Also, cars are equipped with a number of systems that are responsible for safety. One of these is directional control and blind spot check.

The trailed part can be equipped with a camera. It is connected to the system to show information on the display. In the menu of the car, you can enter the parameters of the body, then the systems will operate, taking into account the weight and length of the trailer. To purchase a model from the F-350 Super Duty series, it is recommended to use the service – a dealer near me that our company provides to customers.


The manufacturer of the line of machines invites customers to choose the desired systems in all degrees of equipment. You can order special packages, additional functions, as well as the required dimensions of the cab.

The powerful F-350 Super Duty has received 6 trim levels in 2019. Also, three types of cabins were created. The petrol power plant produces 385, while the diesel produces 450 horsepower. Both motors are powered by a 6-speed automatic transmission.

When operating a car, the driver has the opportunity to use the all-round visibility system. In addition, there is no need to turn on the wipers, switch the operating modes of the main optics. Everything here is set up automatically. This is a high level of comfort that all motorists appreciate.

The standard equipment of the vehicle is rear-wheel drive. Buyers have the option to order all-wheel drive. Customers can also opt for a double rear axle as an option. It is best to buy a pickup from this series by contacting an official dealer. He knows all the subtleties of the offered cars and the nuances of sales. Buying with it will be beneficial for our customers. The F-350 Super Duty is an aggressive, powerful tractor with a high level of safety and comfort. With him, any traffic situation is not a problem – he is able to overcome difficulties and give the car owner pleasure from the trip.



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