Ford F-450 Super Duty
Super Duty IV Crew Cab (facelift 2020) DRW 6.7d V8 (475 HP) Automatic LWB
51 380 - 92 270 usd
Lease price: $969 - $671
27 offers

Specifications of Ford F-450 Super Duty Super Duty IV Crew Cab (facelift 2020) DRW 6.7d V8 (475 HP) Automatic LWB

General characteristics of Ford F-450 Super Duty Super Duty IV Crew Cab (facelift 2020) DRW 6.7d V8 (475 HP) Automatic LWB

The F-450 isn't as customizable as some of the lighter-duty pick-ups. Only the shortest and longest wheelbases are available, either 141.6 inches or 176 inches, along with the longer eight-foot cargo bed, giving the truck an overall length of between 231.8 inches and 266.2 inches. The strongest Super Duty stands tall at around 82 inches and wider than most at 105.9 inches with mirrors. When necessary, the truck can go off-road with its 8.6-inch ground clearance. By comparison, the Ram Super Duty is lifted higher off the ground with a maximum ground clearance figure of 13.3 inches. The F-450's angles of approach and departure aren't that impressive - 18.5 - 19 degrees and 18.3 - 21.6 degrees, respectively. You'll be hard-pressed to find a heavier vehicle on the road, with the lightest F-450 weighing in at 7,712 pounds, while the heaviest tips the scale at a whopping 8,587 lbs.

Every Ford F-450 truck model has a diesel engine that is incredibly strong, although the powertrain diversity found in the one-ton F-350 trucks is absent here. The 6.7L diesel V8 has a turbo to help it deliver peak outputs of 475 hp and 1,050 lb-ft. It comes paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. All this power is directed towards the rear wheels as standard, but the four-wheel drivetrain is available to every model. This year, the Platinum trim joins the top-tier Limited as the only two trims that come with four-wheel drive only.

The engine certainly isn't lacking, moving the four-ton truck without much fuss, getting up to 60 mph from a standstill in around eight seconds. This acceleration isn't too adversely affected when the truck is loaded to capacity, either. Since the F-450 comes equipped with a gooseneck hitch as standard, it's maximum towing capacity is set at 37,000 lbs right off the bat. That's the equivalent of approximately seven Blue Whale tongues, but it's surprisingly not the best specs in the segment - the Ram 3500 can tow up to 37,100 lbs. If you do decide to tow conventionally, the Ford can pull 24,200 lbs in its most optimal guise.

Those in the know will be used to heavy-duty trucks like the F-450 gulping down gas at an alarmingly rapid rate. Due to its niche use, the Super Duty has not been rated for gas mileage by the EPA, but there are a number of real-world reports from consumers. The majority of buyers seem to favor the Crew Cab models, which seem to get an average of around 10.5 mpg in the combined mileage cycle. While there haven't been enough reports for the Regular Cab to offer an accurate reading, we expect the lighter build to get slightly better fuel consumption figures. As thirsty as the F-450 may be, it can actually cover a fair amount of ground, around 504 miles, with the larger 48-gallon tank that's fitted to the Crew Cab. The Regular Cab has a smaller 29-gallon gas tank, dropping the range to just over 300 miles assuming similar consumption.

Outfitted with the Regular Cab, the Super Duty can accommodate up to three passengers in relative comfort. Another cab is available, though. The Crew Cab is the largest of the options, supplying more than enough room to seat up to six people. Headroom is excellent all-around and the legroom in the back is more than ample to accommodate even taller adults. Visibility is quite good thanks to the height of the cabin and position of the seats, but there isn't much adjustability on the lower trims. The upper trims come with a ten-way power-adjustable front seat, though, along with much plusher leather upholstery. For the most part, comfort is pretty good, even with the basic cloth- or vinyl-appointed seats, but the seat cushions could be better. Getting in and out could be easier, too, but the side steps and grab handles do help when climbing into the large vehicle.

Ford F-450 Super Duty
Super Duty IV Crew Cab (facelift 2020) DRW 6.7d V8 (475 HP) Automatic LWB
51 380 - 92 270 USD
27 offers
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