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New Ford Mustang – American pride

The Ford Mustang is one of the few cars that carries the true spirit of America and is its symbol. It is considered the pride of the North American car manufacturer and is a dream for almost every driver to own. The commercial success of this car and its unchanging popularity have provided it with more than 50 years of experience on the assembly line. Samples from the first generations become objects of automobile collections. Their cost in contrast to the overwhelming number of cars only increases over time.

The Ford Mustang has been continuously modified by the manufacturer using the latest advances in the automotive industry. However you are guaranteed close attention from those around you no matter whether you have an old or a new car.

With the help of our website you can choose the best offer for buying a new Ford Mustang. This purchase can be one of the most significant events in your life as purchasing an iconic car will make you feel involved in the history of the United States. The money spent on this car will pays off itself many times over since the pleasure of driving this vehicle cannot be compared with anything.

Model history

The creation of the first modification of the Ford Mustang took place in the USA in the 60s with the participation of Lee Iacocca, one of the most iconic managers of the American auto industry. The company was perfectly aware that it was launching a technologically advanced model with a promising design on the market. The presentation of the car took place on a grand scale. A massive advertising campaign made the Ford Mustang an instant hit in 1965.

This car was recognizable on the road at first sight. Competently carrying out the rebranding of the emblem on the car and the placement of a silver silhouette of a running horse instead of the Ford plate made this car a separate class.

From the very beginning the Ford Mustang had a sleek and futuristic design. Excellent aerodynamics give this car minimal drag that’s why it contributes to rapid acceleration and increase in speed. High-tech high-speed gasoline engines were selected with a reserve of power thanks to which the car feels great even when accelerating uphill.

The model was produced in the body of a roadster, convertible, two-door coupe, as well as a fastback inherent only in the North American market. As a rule all modifications were painted in aggressive red or deep blue, they are perfectly recognizable on the road.

Over the entire history of its existence six generations of Ford Mustang have been released. Each generation had consistently high demand from motorists. You can purchase all the latest modifications using our website. Our electronic database contains official dealers of this trademark who directly cooperate with manufacturing plants. Thanks to this approach you will receive the maximum pre-sale purchase service including a personal acquaintance with the car and its test drive.

Technological features of the model

The existing modification of the Ford Mustang carries the S550 index and is the most advanced car in the series. The developers did not deviate from tradition and designed the car in a streamlined body with a large radiator grille. Built in the best sports car tradition the Ford Mustang is the benchmark for many models.

The modern line of engines installed on the Ford Mustang includes modest economical versions and engines with prohibitive power. The starting unit is a 2.3-liter engine with a capacity of 210 horsepower. It is able to accelerate a car to a speed of 180 km / h which is already a good indicator.

Today the most powerful and available version of the Ford Mustang is equipped with a 550 horsepower and 5.4 liter engine. Such a motor is capable of accelerating this full-size car to a speed of 240 km / h. Depending on the modification the following types of gearboxes are installed on the Ford Mustang:

  • manual;
  • automatic (6, 7 or 10-speed);
  • robotic.

The torque is transmitted to the rear wheels which improves the dynamic properties of the machine. Wide rims provide good stability and traction.

Buy a new car

Ford Mustang belongs to the category of cars that are purchased for a long time. Having such a car you will not want to part with it therefore the purchase of a new car should take place only in official showrooms.

Please note that the factory supplies more than 10 modifications with different configurations. Based on this we recommend that you reconsider the offers from all available car dealers. This will help you choose a car according to your wishes and requests. Using our website, you can quickly find a dealer near me. The specialist will provide complete information about the models and help make the purchase as profitable as possible for you.



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