Ford Mustang
VI (facelift 2017) Shelby GT350 R 5.2 V8 (526 HP)
60 440 - 73 435 usd
Lease price: $551 - $439
24 offers

Specifications of Ford Mustang VI (facelift 2017) Shelby GT350 R 5.2 V8 (526 HP)

General characteristics of Ford Mustang VI (facelift 2017) Shelby GT350 R 5.2 V8 (526 HP)

The GT350 and GT350R are almost identical in every respect when it comes to dimensions, with the exception of curb weight. The more track-focused GT350R weighs 88 pounds less than the regular model, which tips the scales at 3,791 lbs. Wheelbase and width are both identical between the two models, measuring 107.1 and 75.9 inches respectively. Length on the GT350 is 188.9 inches, with the R a little longer thanks to the extra aero, measuring 189.7 inches. The R is also lower, measuring 53.6 inches in height while the regular GT350 is 54.2 inches tall.

The GT350 is not short on color options, with nine no-cost options and two new colors that cost more. The standard colors are Shadow Black, the reinvented Grabber Lime, Oxford White, Velocity Blue, Iconic Silver, Magnetic, Race Red, Ford Performance Blue, and Kona Blue. Rapid Red costs $395, with Twister Orange a hundred bucks more. Racing stripes can be added in black, white, or dark blue for $495. Each racing stripe option is framed by red pinstripes on the borders, helping tie in with the red brake calipers that are standard on the GT350R. Painting the roof black costs $695. Iconic Silver with black stripes looks the best in our opinion, helping highlight the black mirrors, rear spoiler, and wheels. Wimbledon White with Guardsman Blue stripes is only available with the Heritage Edition package at an added cost of $1,965 - a nod to the year that Ken Miles drove a GT350 fastback to its first-ever victory at Green Valley Raceway in Texas.

The GT350 is truly a unique offering in the Mustang lineup, being offered exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission. It's also the only model to be fitted with the ominously named 5.2-liter Voodoo V8 that produces 526 hp in the GT350 and 527 hp in the GT350R, with torque remaining the same between the two at 429 lb-ft. Its most obvious and special character trait is its flat-plane crank, which removes the traditional American off-beat throb and instead makes for sharper throttle response, smoother idle, and of course, an 8,250 rpm crescendo of incredible Ferrari-like noise. This engine note is especially useful when leaving car shows, as pedestrians and car-spotters will assume that it's just another Italian supercar making its exit onto the road, and therefore won't see the GT350 bearing down on them.

Getting the GT350R adds a chin spoiler that can scoop people up over the hood, making it more practical. Talk about misdirection and strategic stalking of your prey. In all seriousness though, the GT350 is built for people who actually know how to drive and enjoy stringing beautiful corner sequences together with finesse and precision, and the Voodoo V8 allows for just that, with razor-sharp throttle response, smooth torque delivery, and just the right amount of power to make things exciting. Whichever version you take, the engine is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The standard six-speed is similarly good, slotting home with precision and a bolt-like feel, never punishing you for changing gear as quickly as you dare.

Despite a considerable weight difference, the EPA has scored both the GT350 and GT350R with the same EPA figures of 14/21/16 mpg on the city/highway/combined cycles. The upcoming Dodge Challenger SRT Widebody is better in this regard, with figures of 16/13/21 mpg with its six-speed manual. However, that car will have a lot less downforce than the GT350. The Shelby is fitted with a 16-gallon gas tank, making for an approximate range of 256 miles with mixed driving.


Ford Mustang
VI (facelift 2017) Shelby GT350 R 5.2 V8 (526 HP)
60 440 - 73 435 USD
24 offers
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