Ford Mustang
VI (facelift 2017) Shelby GT500 V8 (760 HP) Automatic
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Specifications of Ford Mustang VI (facelift 2017) Shelby GT500 V8 (760 HP) Automatic

General characteristics of Ford Mustang VI (facelift 2017) Shelby GT500 V8 (760 HP) Automatic

At the heart of the beast is a 5.2-liter V8 with a 2.65-liter roots-type Eaton supercharger generating a whopping 760 horsepower and 625 lb-ft of torque. For the first time ever, power is sent to the rear wheels through a seven-speed Tremec dual-clutch rather than a traditional automatic or manual. This decision is bound to anger some purists but the result is a 0-60 mph time of just 3.3 seconds and a sub-11-second quarter-mile time. Ford also says this new GT500 has broken the Shelby record for 0-100-0-mph with a time of 10.6 seconds.

The DCT is capable of shifting gears in just 80 milliseconds (in sport mode), which is faster than any human could do rowing their own gears. Hearing a Mustang shift this quickly is a new experience, as manual shifts produce a much different sound profile when accelerating. As an obvious side effect of having 760 hp, the GT500 drinks fuel at a rate of 12/18/14 mpg city/highway/combined.

Be it on the road, drag strip, or race track, the 2020 GT500 is the most capable Mustang Ford has ever built. Our day began with hustling the GT500 on the mountain roads outside of Las Vegas. Here, the GT500 demonstrated its competency at taming the animal living under the hood. 760 horsepower seems like an excessive amount for street driving but the excellent traction control and DCT kept us from any Cars & Coffee-style embarrassment. The GT500 possesses European finesse and as a result, never felt scary or stressful out on the public highway. To be honest, having a manual may have been overwhelming to manage so much power.

Despite the dizzying display of speed, the GT500 is no less comfortable out on the road than a run-of-the-mill Mustang GT with the Performance Package. The MangeRide suspension soaks up the bumps well and even with the aggressive Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Sport 2 (which are typically pretty loud), it's easy to have a conversation with your passenger at highway speeds.

On the drag strip, the DCT showed its greatest advantage. It's so quick, even an inexperienced driver can set a blistering quarter-mile time. We had the chance to run the GT500 three times with launch control set to 1,600 rpm and our best was 11.304 seconds at 127.39 mph. However, we also witnessed a couple of runs in the high tens. To help warm up the rear tires, the GT500 also offers Ford's excellent line-lock feature.

The GT500 impressed out on the road and on the drag strip but much to the surprise of any European sports car fan reading this, the track is where it shined brightest. Here, the car's impressive downforce kept it glued to the road like burnt cheese on the bottom of a frying pan. Despite our best efforts to unstick the car with a boot of throttle, the traction control managed the power perfectly without feeling intrusive. Even now, we can't figure out how 760 horsepower going to the rear wheels mid-corner wasn't enough to break the rear wheels loose. Ford has worked some magic with this car.

Arguably the most impressive piece of the driving experience is the brakes. Massive 16.53-inch front rotors (the biggest on any production coupe) pair with six-piston Brembo brakes to slow the car down like it just crashed into an invisible wall. Braking can often be the scariest moment on the track for an inexperienced driver but the GT500 stoppers are among the best we've ever tested.

Likewise, the Tremec DCT was rapid, rattling off shifts exactly when we wanted them with no need to take manual control with the paddles. We were skeptical of Ford's decision to not offer a manual but after driving the car on the track, we didn't miss the third pedal. Ford says it calibrated the steering differently on the GT500 but it still felt like the lone weak point to us. It's not bad, per se, but we'd happily trade the three steering modes for just one steering setting with more feedback. This is one area where the Camaro still has the Mustang beat.


Ford Mustang
VI (facelift 2017) Shelby GT500 V8 (760 HP) Automatic
1 000 - 2 USD
12 offers
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