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New Ford Mustang Convertible

One of the most recognizable and sought-after vehicles in the history of the US auto industry is the Ford Mustang. Thanks to its great looks, beautiful design, powerful engines, as well as competent marketing, this car has become a cult. To acquire it is to take possession of a piece of the American Dream. Since 1964, 6 generations of this model have been released. Each modification was carried out in the spirit of the promising trends of its time and was equipped with all the achievements in the automotive industry. Although all modifications of the Ford Mustang have their own index, consisting of a letter of the Latin alphabet and a numerical value. The manufacturer has separated the vehicle in a convertible body into a separate model. It is a folding roof version of the legendary car. Thanks to this design, the car looks very attractive outwardly. It is worth pointing out that this modification is only available for the first and sixth generations of this brand. However, the resulting cars are really good.

You can purchase a Ford Mustang Convertible using our website. We offer a wide selection of authorized dealers who sell this vehicle. However, the terms of sale may be different. Careful selection of the seller can save you money when buying a Ford Mustang Convertible.

Features of the model

Direct competitors from the new Ford Mustang Convertible is very little, and the American car is finding good from them quite large dimensions and a more pleasant price.  The car is completed with a wide line of engines.  Available versions with an economical 2.3 liter four-cylinder engine and a 5-liter eight-cylinder unit.  Given that even the younger engine model is equipped with turbocharging, its power is enough for the car confidently felt on the road.

Transmission is represented by an automatic transmission, however, both classical mechanics are available.  Automatic box running smoothly, transfers are appropriate, allowing you to use the engine power as efficiently as possible.

The design of the interior deserves high marks from road experts, and simple drivers.  The three-beam steering wheel is decorated with Ford Mustang emblem.  On its side components are the multimedia control buttons.  Tachometer and speedometers are made separately in round analog dials.  Such a classic layout is fully followed by the traditions of one of the cult American cars.

The central part of the front panel between the driver and the passenger is traditionally occupied by the multimedia system and elements of climate control.  Above the screen, which reflects the basic information about the vehicle operation modes, there are three output channels of air ducts with tilted lid-shutters.  The new Ford Mustang Convertible comes in the following modifications:

  • EcoBoost;
  • EcoBoost Premium;
  • GT;
  •  GT Premium;

The EcoBoost version is equipped with a 310-horsepower 4-cylinder engine with a six-speed manual transmission. In addition, a 10-speed automatic transmission can be fitted. Wide, low profile tires are mounted on 17-inch wheels.

EcoBoost Premium largely repeats the younger generation, but has the following improvements:

  • 18-inch wheels;
  • revised interior trim;
  • leather upholstery of individual elements;
  •  electric drive for front seat adjustment;
  •  improved audio system with 9 speakers;
  • simplified connection with a mobile phone;
  • 8-inch touchscreen display.

The five-liter engine is available in GT and GT Premium versions. In addition, in these versions, the car is equipped with parking sensors. A manual transmission is provided in standard models, an automatic transmission option is available as an option. The car is equipped with improved ventilated brakes.

The top modification of the Bullit is equipped with a modified intake manifold, thanks to which the power of the power plant has increased by 20 horsepower, and has reached a total figure of 480 hp. with. The car has a separate logo and an improved rudder. Sports seats from the company "Recaro" are installed, and the multimedia system has 12 speakers. Thanks to the presence of the function - cruise control, the process of driving a car has become easier.

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