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New Ford Mustang Mach-E compact and fast

The first show of the car was held by Ford in the unusual place. This happened at a private Los Angeles airfield which is located next to the plant of the well-known company SpaceX. The electric crossover Ford Mustang Mach-E has received the best components presented for electric vehicles.

The car is made with a large cabin and has 5 doors. It is completed with a powerful battery for 100 kWh. Two versions of the drive are available for cars: a rear one or all-wheel drive version. The car does not have premium components but at the same time it has a large power reserve of 600 km declared by the manufacturer. There is also good acceleration dynamics, to the first hundred Ford accelerates in about 3.5 seconds. Compared to the Fiesta, Focus or F-index pickups, this car has its own identity and uniqueness.

The easiest way to buy a new Ford Mustang Mach-E is from an authorized dealer. It will be easy to choose the right configuration and colour of the car here. All models on sale have an official manufacturer's warranty. The company makes free maintenance and repairs for the entire warranty period. You can also buy original spare parts from us at reasonable prices.

The car was designed and developed by famous people in the automotive world. One of them is Ted Cannis who is in charge of the electrification of cars. The design was carried out by Jason Castriota who had been promoting his own brand for about seven years. He joined Ford in November 2017. The machine was based on the platform from the previously developed front-wheel drive electric crossover Focus.

Vehicle capabilities and characteristics

The Ford Mustang Mach-E platform has been completely redesigned. The front axle was moved forward, the wheels were made larger and became 20 inches. The windshield pillars were moved back. An increased capacity battery was installed which was placed below. The main traction motor was also changed. It was moved back. From the previous platform they left the front suspension struts as well as the electric power steering rack. The planned release of the car should take place in Mexico.

By design one can note a massive front bumper, medium-sized wheels for such a car model. The roof is designed with sloping lines that give the car a slight coupé-like appearance. Black plastic overlays are installed on top of the sides visually improving the appearance. They seamlessly connect to the spoiler on the boot lid to visually obscure the roof bulge that forms above the rear row of passenger seats. If an authorized dealer is near me buying a new car will not be a problem. The company offers its clients:

  • a large selection of new cars;
  • acceptable prices;
  • warranty for all models from the official manufacturer;
  • service maintenance;
  • a choice of the required configuration and colour of the car.

To contact us use the information presented on our website. The company's managers will answer all questions that are of interest to the client, help in placing an order.

Many people compare the Ford Mustang Mach-E in size to the well-known Ford Kuga. This will be incorrect since the Mach-E has a different device and more in its parameters. The length of the model is 4712 mm, the height is 1579 mm. The distance between the axles of the wheels is 2984 mm.

Features of this car model

With the Mustang the car's interior is identical only to the symmetry of the "fenders" on the front panel. The design is executed in a strict style sustained in a business calm tone. When controlling the car it is possible to combine touch and analog buttons. You can adjust the volume from the device screen on the central panel. This is only possible for music but other functions cannot be controlled with it. There is also no built-in internet browser and no streaming video capabilities. The usual services and radio are present here.

When an official dealer is nearby buying a new car is much easier. The company offers a large selection of cars in various trim levels and colours. All cars from the official manufacturer are sold with a guarantee. Buying a car from us you will be sure of its quality and completeness. To contact us you can use the information presented on the website.

The interior of the car received more free space in the back. The sound of the car acceleration is very interesting. It combines the sounds of an electric motor and a noise similar to the exhaust of an internal combustion engine. The engine of the First Edition version of 337 "horses" accelerates to a hundred in 6 seconds. For another version of the engine with a total capacity of 465 horsepower acceleration to the first 100 km is declared in 3.5 seconds. There is also a package where a 150 h/p engine and an ordinary battery are installed in front then the total capacity will be only 258 "horses". With this power the acceleration to the first hundred will be approximately 8 seconds. The power reserve of a car depends on its equipment. When buying it you need to look at the parameters and characteristics. The car can cover a distance from 420 to 600 km without recharging depending on the installed components.



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