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The new Ford Transit Chassis Cab is a practical and solid vehicle

The series of these vehicles is represented by machines that are distinguished by a powerful frame silhouette, reliability and convenience. Thanks to the possibility of transformation you can achieve any goal. This property makes this vehicle versatile and turns a cargo van into a car for any purpose. The new Ford Transit Chassis Cab began to be produced in 2014.


The exterior of the cars of this series is characterized by modern design, attractiveness and consistency. The main base is dynamic and active. The expressive radiator grill on which a large oval emblem is located is striking. The headlights have a large module. The stylish silhouette of the vehicle is combined with a high-quality protection system.

The manufacturer offers to choose one of two types of cabins: single or double. Despite the type the design of the cab remains laconic and comfortable.


The cabin has very comfortable seats that make you feel good even during a long trip. The driver has the ability to independently adjust the position of the seat and steering wheel. There is an armrest next to the chair. As an option there is a socket for charging work devices, laptops.

All control functions are located in front of the driver. The central dashboard is thought out here on which all the necessary mechanisms are located. The official dealer will provide full information about all the features of the series.

Basic configurations of the Ford Transit Chassis Cab

The manufacturer offers a range of all options that are designed for the transportation of passengers, goods or for other applications. Each of the models is cost effective to operate. There are 3 configurations of the Ford Transit Chassis Cab:

  1. Average wheelbase. These cars are versatile and practical. They feature a robust ladder frame that is suitable for mounting different bodies. In all versions of this series great attention is paid to the safety of all passengers. For this purpose the models are equipped with seat belts, airbags and a special system with sensors. Also an excellent feature of this vehicle is a set of anti-theft protection. Medium wheelbase vehicles can carry 1,757 kg.
  2. 2Long wheelbase. This chassis is built for demanding activities. Cars do not fail even in the most difficult moments. This modification is able to surprise with a high level of comfort such as an ergonomic interior, a large number of niches for storing documents, an excellent degree of protection. These models are designed with special care to give everyone only driving pleasure.
  3. Chassis with extended platform. Available with single and double cab. Designed for demanding jobs.

The key features of this vehicle are high-quality body trim elements that meet all modern requirements and provide maximum comfort. The cars are equipped with a system of assistance when driving uphill. It does not allow the car to return back while driving uphill. The ability to control the climate ensures a comfortable ride in different weather conditions. Using voice control you can adjust various functions of the car. If you enter “dealer near me” in the search engine you can find a way to profitably purchase one of the models of the Ford Transit Chassis Cab series.


This series of cars is equipped with a 2.2 liter power plant. Power depends on drive and equipment. It differs in economical fuel consumption. This is an advantageous property when you consider all the capabilities of the models. Despite its size the Ford Transit Chassis Cab is quite maneuverable. Among the basic optional equipment stands out:

  • excellent air conditioner;
  • cruise control;
  • a set of wireless communication using Bluetooth;
  • multimedia system with voice control.

The chassis of the car is able to withstand heavy loads due to its strength. It is durable and has reliable body mounts. Therefore the sale of such models is very popular.

Among the comfort features the ability to fold the rear-view mirrors is also noted. This helps to avoid damage when parking on a narrow street or when entering a courtyard. Also they are equipped with a heating system which ensures excellent visibility even in winter.

Due to the versatility and reliability of such vehicles they can be used for different purposes. A wide variety of body colors makes the Ford Transit Chassis Cab a bright and noticeable vehicle on the track.

This series includes vehicles that are designed for demanding work. The rigid chassis provides an excellent base for different types of bodies. Even the factory settings of the models are ready for operation which is especially convenient for customers. Therefore it is recommended to buy such a car for everyone even those who need a simple and quick solution. Transport is ready to cope with difficult tasks.



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