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New Ford Transit Connect Passenger Wagon

If you have a large family and often travel together, plan to do passenger transportation with a small number of customers, then the new Ford Transit Connect Passenger Wagon is ideal. The manufacturing company has improved the technical equipment and design of other series and created a new car that will appeal to even the most demanding users. The official dealer of Mycars offers to purchase a car at the best price. Here you will find favorable terms of cooperation, friendly service.

Concept and equipment

The presentation of the latest Ford Transit Connect Passenger Wagon took place in 2019. The manufacturer has introduced a lot of innovations, so the car is presented as a separate series. The car looks attractive as before and the body has not received huge changes. It has the correct proportions. The slanting headlights, slightly protruding on the fenders, as well as the original radiator grill, decorated with stiffening ribs, give the car a special charm. The picture is complemented by an air intake on the bumper, and moldings on the side doors. The rear door is fully sliding, which greatly facilitates the boarding of passengers. It can be opened by passengers as well as by the driver. To ensure that it does not break, only high-quality materials and special technologies are used.

The front panel and interior are designed in the best traditions of the Ford company. Competent assembly and good quality materials will give you a feeling of driving comfort. The dashboard lost its wells and acquired a more holistic and respectable look due to the backlighting of the readings and the large screen of the on-board computer. You can buy a car with a beautiful multimedia system; it has acquired a color screen and touch control. On the whole, the graphics on the screen look bright and the information is easy to read.

The Transit Connect Passenger Wagon series has many innovations in terms of equipment. The dealer near me even offers the following options in the basic configuration:

  • rims made of light alloy 15 – 16 inches;
  • fog lights;
  • on-board computer;
  • panoramic roof;
  • cruise and climate control systems;
  • navigation system;
  • heated side mirrors;
  • tracking road markings;
  • heated front seats;
  • LED daytime running lights.

Also, the car is equipped with all sorts of security systems that protect against accidental collisions and monitor blind spots. Driving the car will give you an increased sense of comfort thanks to directional stabilizers, and parking will become an easy task with the parking assistant. The manufacturer prioritizes the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers.

Technical Indicators

An official dealer offers a car with a 2.0 liter gasoline engine capable of developing power up to 140 horsepower. It is perfectly combined with a six-speed manual transmission, or its robotic counterpart with six speeds. The manufacturer also offers a diesel 1.6 liter. an engine that develops power up to 120 hp, paired with a six-speed manual. The suspension is made in a common pattern, the front axle has independent McPherson struts, as well as anti-roll bars. At the rear there is a standard semi-dependent torsion beam, the damping system is represented by coil springs, as well as shock absorbers with gas chambers. The car has a fairly spacious luggage compartment for 1287 liters. Its full dimensions are:

  • length – 4280 mm;
  • width – 1795 mm;
  • height – 1193 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2664mm.

The vehicle's ground clearance is quite typical and is 150 mm. In general, the car has excellent characteristics and allows the driver to comfortably drive the car on any road surface (snow, rain, gravel, country or asphalt road).

Another advantage of the car is that it uses less fuel on average than its direct competitors.

This car is perfect for those who value reliability and safety first of all. As a rule, it is bought for a large family who loves to go shopping or travel together, as well as for small passenger transportation, for example, a transfer from the airport to the hotel.

Benefits of an authorized Mycars dealer

Selling cars from well-known world brands is the main activity of the Mycars company. Here you will find a huge selection of different modifications, you will find the most suitable option based on personal preferences, power and fuel costs. If you cannot decide for yourself, contact the specialists of our company for help. They will answer all the questions that interest you, tell you what points to pay attention to.

You can try out the selected car during a test drive. To do this, just leave a request on the website. A specialist will contact you to clarify all the details. Testing allows you to understand how comfortable you feel behind the wheel, as well as what the advantages and disadvantages of the model are.





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