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Ford Transit Custom – the new van standard

The Ford Transit Custom series of cars are roomy vans. The new versions that appeared in 2018 are very different from the first generation of models. On the exterior there is a noticeable update in the radiator grille, it is designed stylishly. The design of the front bumper was also different as well as the shape of the headlights.

New versions of the vehicles are provided with a double cab and a large cargo area. The car can accommodate 3 passengers and a lot of hand luggage. The manufacturer presents 2 types of body: regular and elongated. When you first look at the new Ford Transit Custom pleasant emotions appear. Although it is considered a commercial vehicle that carries cargo its appearance is quite attractive. You can choose from eight color options provided by the manufacturer.

Interior models

Ford Transit Custom is cargo vans, so they have only 2 passenger seats. Most of the van is reserved for the cargo area. These machines are capable of carrying up to 1.5 tons.

The driver's seat is very convenient because there is enough room for a comfortable leg position. Therefore a long trip will not tire you. The design features of the central panel are reminiscent of a passenger car. Depending on the configuration of the models a mounting for the navigator may be provided. Inexpensive versions have a 4-inch display while expensive versions have an 8-inch screen in the center panel. It displays information about the traffic situation, the car, the video recorded by the surveillance cameras and much more. The multimedia system allows you to connect a smartphone. There is a voice control function. This adds comfort while driving. Also the front panel is equipped with different niches where you can put documents or cups. The plastic interior trim is highly durable.

The steering wheel is adjustable in height and tilt. It is finished in leather and has several control keys. This series is presented in modifications: Transit Custom Van 280, Transit Custom Van 290 and Transit Custom Van 320. Each of them has a long and short body.

Technical equipment

Depending on what the buyer wants to get the manufacturer has released several modifications in this series. For example, for lovers of dynamism and speed there is a special version of the Ford Transit 2018 Custom Sport. This unit is equipped with a powerful turbodiesel engine that produces 170 horsepower.

The standard version of the series is equipped with a wide range of electronic assistants. For example, there is a cruise control system capable of recognizing signs on the highway and keeping the permitted speed. Also special comfort is provided by the automatic braking system. It stops transport in front of the pits. When driving around the city a special system is activated. It signals about approaching cars, pedestrians or cyclists when the reverse gear is engaged. The lane departure warning and switching the light from low to high and vice versa are considered very clever functions. Therefore the sale of such cars is in high demand among motorists.

Driving characteristics of models

The vans of this series look quite balanced. Thanks to the dense and collected suspension the cars take turns well. If there is movement on an uneven road then such cars go quietly and confidently. Slight wobble is felt on a track with a comb and shear waves. But thanks to the equipment of some modifications with air suspension the off-road situation is significantly improved. Also such a suspension provides a constant vehicle clearance regardless of the load.

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High degree of comfort and safety

Particular comfort for the driver lies in a comfortable driving position and good visibility. Additional convenience is provided by a large windshield that goes down. There is a good turning radius here. The excellent ergonomics of the cab is considered a huge plus because every control detail is at hand.

Also the manufacturer took care of the driver’s safety. For example, "blind spots" are monitored by special sensors that always signal interference. The safety systems for cars in the Ford Transit Custom series include:

  • function of emergency braking;
  • driver fatigue control system;
  • Cruise control;
  • Rear view camera;
  • high beam auto-switching system.

This security system makes these models one of the most secure in their segment. An official dealer will help you to purchase a car of the Ford Transit Custom line.

New modifications of the Ford Transit Custom have received more convenient control of the steering wheel, gearbox and pedal part. In addition the brutal cars are equipped with a number of smart assistants and functions.

If you like a cargo van that is not inferior in comfort and safety to a passenger car then you should pay attention to such models. This transport is capable of transporting goods safely and reliably therefore buying it is a great decision.




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