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The GMC car brand does not boast a wide range of models, but all of its cars closely follow the company's image: producing powerful American cars with uncompromising quality. In every truck produced, GMC invests the power that is able to overcome the American expanses as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A GMC car can be recognized on the street and without a logo. This is a large, roomy car, which is much larger than most of its counterparts from European or Asian manufacturers. Powerful construction is combined with austere elegance and emphasized strict design. This brand will always be the choice of those who value American quality.

The concern has a wide distribution network in the USA. There are official GMC dealers in all major cities, and new cars are often sold in simple car dealerships. This approach will allow you to select a vehicle from GMC for purchase using our website in a matter of minutes.

GMC brand

The first cars under the GMC trademark were launched on the US market in 1901. During the first half of the twentieth century, this automaker was part of General Motors as a division for the production of trucks. The firm received its final structure in 1911. And the very next year, it launched 22,000 cars on the market, which was a significant indicator for this period.

GMC's active marketing revealed all the technical advantages of these machines. In particular, the company's cars have repeatedly become champions in long-distance races, such as the march from the east to the west coast of the United States, or from New York to San Francisco.

The reliability and quality of the GMC trucks allowed the company to receive large defense orders from the US government during the Second World War. As a result of these transactions, more than 600 thousand trucks were supplied for the needs of the army.

Over the following years, the company successfully sold its machines in North America. Popularity came thanks to a successful body design and extremely reliable six-cylinder engines of its own design. To expand the range, power plants from other manufacturers were also used.

GMC production was often carried out in collaboration with Chevrolet. The Authorized Dealers, which you can find on our website, usually sell cars of both these brands.

Most Popular GMC Cars

Beyond the large size, four-phase headlights are a key design feature of GMC vehicles. This solution is very practical and gives the car a unique style. It is very easy to recognize a GMC car by such a technical feature.

Today the official dealers of GMC, presented on our website, sell the entire line of the company's cars. Modern models are designed for motorists who are demanding on the capacity and maneuverability of the vehicle. The most popular and demanded are the following GMC models:

  • Terrain
  • Yukon
  • Acadia
  • Canyon
  • Sierra

The GMC Terrain is a mid-size crossover. The streamlined body lines are somewhat different from the general concept of the manufacturer, but they look modern. This solution improves the aerodynamics of the car. Combined with a powerful 3.6-liter engine, the car feels great both on the track and on dirt roads.

The Youkon model looks stern and respectable. The full-size SUV has impressive dimensions, the increased wheelbase and all-wheel drive give it excellent cross-country ability. In the luxury version, this machine belongs to the executive class.

Canyon and Sierra pickups are highly practical. The powerful propulsion system allows them to feel confident on rough terrain and to transport bulky loads.

You can purchase a new GMC of the specified models using the electronic catalog of our website.

How to buy a GMC car

The selection of a new GMC is carried out on our website based on the personal preferences of the driver. Considering the high reliability of the machines of this brand, the acquisition of any of them will be a good investment of money. This vehicle, due to its characteristics, will be relevant for many decades.

Taking into account the manufacturer's warranty, which is provided by authorized dealers, buying a new car, you will free yourself from spending money on maintaining your GMC for several years. Since the purchased car will be used by you for a long period, we recommend that you personally inspect and check the vehicle in the salon. Using the electronic catalog of our site, you can choose a new GMC from an authorized dealer near you. This will save you unnecessary transportation costs and shorten the time to buy.

The key concept for choosing a GMC car is the presence of an open body. Some models allow you to install a temporary awning on it, which is a very convenient solution. A body of this design allows you to transport oversized cargo, and at the right time to provide luggage with the necessary protection from atmospheric precipitation. 

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