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Honda is one of the TOP 10 car manufacturers in the world. The Japanese giant produces cars in a wide range of models. The company was founded back in 1948. This was done by a Japanese inventor, engineer, race car driver. The man's name was Soichiro Honda (hence the name of the company). It has its own production facilities in various countries. They are located in the following countries:

  1. USA.
  2. Japan.
  3. India.
  4. Brazil.

In addition to cars, the company is engaged in the production of motorcycles, scooters, and other equipment. Cars of this brand are distinguished by high operational and technical characteristics, reliability of units and parts. We offer an official dealer for the purchase of a car of all models of this world manufacturer.

Honda now has 120 factories. They are located in 33 countries around the world. The manufacturer develops independently, does not merge with other companies. He pursues his own policy of modernizing cars and releasing new models. The main office is located in Japan, Tokyo.

Auto for everyday life

Honda cars have their own memorable design. Adhering to current trends, all models receive various innovations. Improvements are also being made in appearance, chassis and motor. Various upgrades contribute to increased comfort, improved performance of the car. It will be easy to find a car for the parameters and functionality you require.

The new Honda is a technological vehicle with many modern features. Choosing a sedan or a hatchback, you will be sure of its reliability and safety. You can pick up a car in different trim levels. If you are not very demanding, the basic option will do it. More demanding motorists are advised to buy a complete set. It is easier and safer to place an order from an authorized dealer, unlike other purchase options.

Highly reliable machines

For a long time, the brand has been in high demand among buyers in our country. Stylish, memorable design is characteristic of Honda cars. The models are equipped with modern technology, improved control. The use of various innovative developments increases safety for the driver and passengers. Among the models you can choose:

  • sedans;
  • hatchbacks;
  • compartment;
  • pickups;
  • minivans;
  • other types of cars.

When the dealer is near me, picking up a car is much easier than usual. You can buy a small and nimble car for city streets or an SUV for off-road driving. To find model for your operating conditions is not difficult.

Pros of buying a car from an authorized dealer

Honda is constantly improving its car models. The entire line of machines is often updated, changes and various innovations are made. Individual design elements are changing, as well as technical performance. By purchasing a car from an authorized dealer, you get a product with a factory warranty. If you buy a used vehicle, you will not get these benefits. Also, used cars may have various flaws that will appear during further operation.

Working with an authorized dealer is the best option. You can find a car according to the catalog. Also, you choose the complete set of the car you like, focusing on your budget. We offer real prices, without unnecessary markups. Free service is available for all vehicles during the warranty period. We deliver your order from America exactly on time. The new car is reliability and excellent technical condition of all components and mechanisms.

Selection of models

All Honda models are highly safe. Various systems contribute to safer movement. Also, the cars have a beautiful appearance that is remembered. Also, thanks to its comfort you will be able to enjoy driving. Here you can choose a car from a wide range of manufacturers:

  1. Accord.
  2. Civic.
  3. CR-V.
  4. Jazz.
  5. Pilot.
  6. CR-Z.
  7. Odyssey.
  8. Other models.

All car owners from the Japanese manufacturer note their reliability and durability. At all stages of production, control over the units and mechanisms of the machine is carried out. This allows them to work for a long time without breakdowns. Many tests are performed to improve vehicle safety.

Car selection

Choosing a reliable car for everyday transportation, Honda will be the best option for many. Every detail is worked out by the developers so that the future owner gets maximum comfort. The machines are made in a modern design. They will stand out favorably in the monotonous city traffic of cars.

It will be easy to choose a car model for the required characteristics. If necessary, our experts will advise the best options that suit your requirements. By purchasing a Honda car you will receive a reliable and functional assistant. If you use the service of an authorized dealer, you will save a lot and get an exclusive price. This is due to the fact that the dealer's advertising costs are noticeably reduced. You just need to leave a request on our website. A manager will contact you within a few minutes. You need to confirm the appointment. Choose a convenient time for yourself and after signing the contract, pick up your car.

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