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The new Honda Civic is compact and fast

Honda Civic is a modern C-segment vehicle which is known all over the world. The car is available in three body styles. It is a beloved sedan, a 5-door hatchback and a two-door coupe. The car stands out for its expressive design. It has good technical equipment and a high level of safety. The release of the first model Honda Civic took place in 1972. The machine quickly became popular due to its low price, compactness and reliability. It increased in size as new models were updated and released. In 2000 it reached the golf class. In this segment cars have been still producing. By its popularity and sales this vehicle is the leader in the world market. Up to 600 thousand cars of this model are sold every year.

The 10th generation Honda Civic was presented by the manufacturer at the annual exhibition in Geneva in spring. The appearance of the car in a five-door version looks very elegant. The design visually lowers the body of the car and the front part looks strict and sporty. Compared to its predecessor the vehicle began to look a little more modest while it was difficult to call it ordinary.

You can buy a new Honda Civic at an affordable price from an authorized dealer. The company offers a wide range of cars with different trim levels. Also the client will be able to choose the desired colour of the vehicle. All cars are original with a manufacturer's warranty. If necessary, managers will always help with the selection of a machine according to your requirements and characteristics.

Parameters and various characteristics of Honda Civic

The length of the 10th generation Civic is 4430 mm, the height is 1420 mm and the width is 1800 mm respectively. The distance between the axles of the wheels is 2700 mm. The interior decoration of the car with 3 and 5 doors has similar elements. The design is 100% complete as usual. The car is very memorable. It will stand out in the stream of cars. High quality materials are used for the interior decoration. There is enough free space inside for a comfortable trip of five people. A spacious trunk will allow you to carry a lot of personal belongings or cargo.

For the North American market the car is equipped with a 1.5 litre gasoline engine. Here there is a direct fuel supply and turbocharging. This motor produces 174 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque. The power unit is paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The car has front-wheel drive and a continuously variable variator will be available as an option.

If the official dealer is near me choosing a new car becomes much easier. All configurations of the car are available for purchase here. A large selection of original spare parts and accessories is also offered. To contact us use the information that is provided by our company on the website. Our managers will answer all your questions and help you place an order quickly.

Honda Civic - economical and reliable

For European countries the car is supplied with various motors. In addition to the 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine discussed above a three-cylinder power unit will be also available. This is a 1.0-liter engine that has quite high performance. Its power is 128 horsepower and 200 Nm of torque. A 1.6-liter diesel engine is also offered. It is capable of delivering 120 "horses" and 300 Nm of torque.

An official dealer will help you quickly find and purchase a new car. In our company the client can receive not only the machine with the necessary equipment but also other advantages:

  • the best prices for the entire range of cars;
  • a large selection of colours and vehicle configurations;
  • a guarantee from the manufacturer;
  • a wide range of spare parts and components;
  • fast ordering procedure.

Our managers will help you with the selection of a new vehicle, tell you about all its advantages and possible disadvantages. We can bring the ordered car if it is not available.

The tenth generation Honda Civic is similar in design to the four-door model. The manufacturer took a new modular platform as a basis. Various types of high-strength steel are widely used in it. An independent chassis is installed on both axles. MacPherson struts are used for the front, and a four-link system is fixed in the back. For standard equipment a steering rack and pinion system is installed in the car. There are electric amplifiers for it making it easier to drive.

The wheels come with disc brakes and they have ventilated cooling on the front axle. There are ABS, EBD systems and various electronics. Depending on the configuration various additional options are mounted in the car. For the top versions LED optics, cruise control, a multimedia system with support for Android Auto and Apple Car are offered. There are also technologies that warn of a frontal collision, heated front and rear rows of seats, airbags and other relevant additions. If you need a reliable and economical car for daily driving around the city and the highway pay attention to the Honda Civic. This is a worthy option in terms of price and quality ratio which will be used for a long time delighting its owner.



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