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New Honda CR-V pushes boundaries

Honda cars are deservedly popular in the modern vehicle market as extremely comfortable, reliable and practical models. The company's engineers have the ability to design stylish and beautiful cars with good driving characteristics. The Honda CR-V is a great example of how one car can have a wide range of functions. This classic, elegant crossover SUV offers its driver excellent driving performance and first-class comfort at a reasonable cost of ownership. If you want one car that can handle all the challenges, then the new Honda CR-V is the best choice.

Honda has a wide network of authorized dealers in the North American market. It is through it that you can buy all new models of the company, including the latest generation of the Honda CR-V. Our site specially selects only trusted and reliable sellers for you. We carefully monitor the accuracy of the information provided by sellers. If you have chosen a car using our search system, you can be sure that you will receive a car with the characteristics you require.

Features of the model

The development of the Honda CR-V is of particular importance to the company. This is the first crossover that entered the assembly line only thanks to the efforts of its own design bureau. The engineers were given the task of creating an urban SUV of increased comfort - and they completely coped with it. The name Honda CR-V itself is an abbreviation for "Compact Recreational Vehicle", so the car perfectly combines the qualities of a vehicle and a recreational vehicle.

The midsize crossover offers good versatility. It is almost as roomy as the older SUV models, and has the same agility as the more compact models.

The thoughtfulness of the model immediately made it popular. Thanks to proper marketing, a clear study of the market before putting it on the conveyor and a good advertising campaign, the car is consistently in demand among drivers. The car is positioned as a premium crossover, and its equipment is fully consistent with this.

Timely modernization has endowed this car with new and better qualities. Today, in the official showrooms of the company, you can buy the fifth generation of the Honda CR-V, equipped with the latest technological developments in the automotive industry. With the help of our salon, you can easily find an authorized dealer near me. At the same time, a wide range of offers will help you save your money when buying a car.

Model design

The general style of the Honda models is inherent in the car. Narrow headlights and a moderately sized radiator grille look harmonious. The front bumper is, as it were, an extension of the fenders, forming a single whole with them. Small stripes of side lights are elegantly hidden at the bottom of the bow and are flush with the second section of the air intake.

The windshield has a sufficient angle of inclination to provide the car with good aerodynamics. In this respect, it looks more like a sports car. The mirrors are equipped with turn signal repeaters. In addition, a video camera is built into the right mirror, which is directed backwards and is automatically activated when turning to this side is turned on.

The back has a very interesting design. The brake lights are located simultaneously on the boot lid and on the body of the car, where they extend vertically upward. The rear windshield has a visor usual for such cars and a chrome edging.

To buy a Honda CR-V of the desired color, you need to look through the offers for the sale of this car by official dealers on our website. We have the widest range of modifications of this machine.

How to choose a car

The new Honda CR-V comes to the market with two types of gasoline engines:

  • a volume of 2 liters and a capacity of 150 horsepower;
  • a volume of 2.4 liters and a capacity of 186 horsepower.

These are quite economical and reliable units that provide the car with confident dynamics on the road. The automatic transmission does the job well. The machine can be fitted with wheels with disks ranging from 17 to 19 inches.

The basic equipment includes a number of systems that simplify vehicle operation, such as:

  • improved acoustics of the media center;
  • electric luggage carrier;
  • active shutters in the radiator grille;
  • contactless trunk opening;
  • modified security package.

In total, the cars are available in four packages, each of which provides its own level of comfort:

  • LX;
  • EX;
  • EX-L;
  • Touring.

In the top version, such advantages as a panoramic roof, LED headlights, heated front seats are available. Carefully selecting the options for selling Honda CR-V on our website, you can find models of older modifications at a discount.




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