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New Honda HR-V for compact SUV enthusiasts

Crossovers are one of the most popular car categories. These machines are versatile. Thanks to their high passenger comfort and excellent cross-country ability they are equally comfortable on city roads and rough terrain. The large size of the cab allows you to feel comfortable in it even during many hours of travel. Honda has an excellent lineup of crossovers and full-size SUVs. It is pleasant to note that this Japanese manufacturer is comprehensively developing these cars and not only chasing power, dynamics or vehicle size. The new Honda HR-V is a great car for all lovers of high cross-country ability and style.

The operating experience of modern cars shows that only new models have the best performance. It is very easy to buy a Honda HR-V in the showroom if you select a seller in advance. Using the electronic database of our website you get the following benefits:

  • good choice of machines with the required parameters and installed systems;
  • early selection of the power plant of the car;
  • opportunity to find an authorized dealer near me;
  • maximum package of pre-sale services.

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Model development

The Honda HR-V is the result of an upgrade of another successful Honda Fit model from the Japanese vehicle manufacturer. As a result in 1998 a new compact crossover rolled off the assembly line which quickly became popular among motorists. The car has harmoniously filled the niche of light compact SUVs. It is great for the role of a family car or a vehicle for personal use.

The first generation was produced until 2006. The general state of the market and the company's orientation towards the production of cars of other classes led to the curtailment of production in 2006.

The modern Honda HR-V entered the market thanks to the efforts of the company's marketers and designers in 2015. The car has a classic crossover body but it is available in both three-door and five-door versions. The overall design line reflects the company's concept and you can recognize the HR-V from Honda at first sight. The distinctive exterior of the bow makes it very memorable.

The machine is undergoing continuous design improvements. Although the company's engineers have not yet finalized the Honda HR-V enough to talk about the release of a new generation, the modifications that you can buy from authorized dealers using our website are deeply modernized. After reviewing all the offers of our electronic database you will certainly be able to choose the version with the desired characteristics.

Features of the car

Compact crossover Honda HR-V has the following dimensions:

  • wheelbase - 102.8 inches;
  • length - 170.4 inches;
  • width - 69.8 inches;
  • height - 63.2 inches;
  • ground clearance - 5.4 inches.

These parameters allow the Honda HR-V to feel great in urban conditions and on the track. Small ground clearance imposes restrictions on the use of this machine as an off-road vehicle but wheels with a diameter of 17 inches will help if you find yourself on rough terrain.

Although the manufacturer claims the Honda HR-V as a five-seat model 4 people will be comfortable in the cabin. The fairly roomy trunk has a volume of 24.3 cubic feet. That figure rises to 58.8 cubic feet when the backrests are folded down.

The car is supplied to the North American market with a reliable and economical 1.8-liter gasoline engine. Maximum power of 141 h/p is achieved at 6500 rpm.

When paired with an automatic transmission the power plant has good fuel economy. For example the EPA used to estimate this parameter is 28 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the highway. Fuel capacity is 13.2 gallons enough to drive this car for 448 miles without stopping.

The thoughtfulness of the car interior pleasantly surprises. The driver's seat is especially comfortable. All control and monitoring devices are accessible and clear. On the steering wheel there are buttons for controlling the media system with 6 speakers and quick connection to the phone.

With the help of our site you can buy Honda HR-V in LX, Sport, EX, EX-L configurations. The older version of this car has such technical advantages as leather interior, panoramic roof, heated driver's seat, branded alloy wheels. Don't delay buying this car. It will give you hours of driving pleasure.



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