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New Honda Insight – compact and fast

One of the representatives of Honda's hybrid line of cars is the Insight model. This is a compact sedan, which belongs to the small or middle class of cars. According to the European classification, the car is suitable for the "C" segment. The car is quite bright and memorable, it combines such qualities as:

premium design;

  • reliability of assemblies and mechanisms;
  • high technical capabilities;
  • good equipment, already in the basic configuration.

The car is perfect for driving on city streets. Having a spacious interior, the car will be a good option for family people. For those who think about the environment and ecology, the car will certainly suit.

The easiest way to buy a new Honda Insight is from an authorized dealer. All cars that are on sale have a manufacturer's warranty. It will not be difficult to find a car with the right equipment. You can also choose a car in the required color. In the presence of a large selection of original spare parts and accessories.

The third version of the Honda Insight in an updated form was presented to users in the winter of 2018. This happened at a car show held in Detroit. A few months later, a serial hybrid was shown, only this was already in New York. The car, in terms of its parameters and capabilities, is between the Civic and Accord models. After the last update, the car from a standard hatchback has become a full-fledged sedan. A modern power unit is installed on the car, running on gasoline and electricity.

Appearance and various parameters of the Honda Insight

The appearance of the car has been significantly improved, making it not only beautiful, but also quite stylish and personable. Outwardly, it looks very energetic, has common features inherent in Honda cars. The front part looks a little "frowned" due to the original lighting elements. They are separated by a chrome strip. There is a place for built-in fog lights on the front bumper. On the back there are feet and turns, which are in two sections. The bumper does not stand out in any way, the exhaust pipe is located under it.

The profile of the car has various features, according to which it is perceived not as a classic sedan, but more like a four-door coupe. Users highlight:

  • oblong hood;
  • a roof in a sloping shape, smoothly descending to the trunk;
  • volumetric sidewalls on the body;
  • large cutouts for wheel arches;
  • additional windows on the racks at the back.

In terms of its dimensions, the car does not stand out among similar models. The distance between the axles of the wheels is 2700 mm.

When an authorized dealer is near me, buying a new car becomes much easier. In the company, you can quickly select a car for the requirements and characteristics of the client. Finding a car in the right color will not be difficult. The company's managers will help you to place your order. They will also tell the buyer everything about the positive features of the model, its possible disadvantages.

The interior of the updated version has been improved. The design inside was carefully worked out, taking into account the wishes of users, removing the shortcomings of the previous model. Ergonomics have improved, high-quality materials are used for decoration. The assembly inside is just perfect, everything is in place, nothing creaks or dangles.

The car has a multi-function steering wheel. In the lower part, it is slightly flattened, in the upper part there are embossed places for a more comfortable grip. Installed a modern dashboard with an analog speedometer. There is a 7-inch color display. The center console is quite impressive, it has a climate control unit. Everything is perfectly matched, the elements complement each other, creating a single whole.

Other vehicle features

There is enough space inside the cabin for 5 people. The front seats are quite ergonomic, with developed lateral support. The driver's seat has many different adjustments. The back sofa can comfortably accommodate three people. There is a folding armrest in the center of the seats. The trunk can hold up to 428 liters of cargo. Moreover, its shape is quite interesting, the wheel arches protrude quite strongly. The seats in the second row can be folded 60 to 40. This allows for a small opening, thanks to which long items can be transported in the car.

The third version of the Honda Insight is equipped with front-wheel drive. The car body is made using high quality steel, high strength. An independent suspension is installed on both axles of the car. Shock absorbers here are of telescopic and transverse type. The steering rack and pinion mechanism is equipped with an electric booster. In terms of fuel consumption, the car is quite economical, consumes 4.3 liters of fuel when traveling in mixed mode.

An official dealer is one of the best options for buying a new car. Working with the company, the client will be completely confident in the quality of the machine. All cars that are on sale have a manufacturer's warranty. During the warranty period, the car is serviced and repaired free of charge. To contact us, use the contacts that are on the site.





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