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The new 2021 Honda Odyssey will suit even a large family

Family cars do not exist as a separate vehicle category but many manufacturers, including Honda, are designing new cars for this category of customers. By the term “big family” marketers usually mean at least 5 people: 2 adults and 3 children. However when such a machine is being developed they usually lay in some stock of seats that can accommodate other family members and pets.

The purchase of roomy minibuses won’t always be an option due to their high cost and other inherent goals. Buying a full-size seven-seat SUV always is not a good decision due to high maintenance costs and a different style of car. The European D-class has many models in its arsenal but it is rarely possible to fit more than 5 people in such a car. Full-size minivans are the only option actually available. They are great roomy vehicles geared towards everyday urban driving. The 2021 Honda Odyssey is one of the most popular cars in this category.

The purchase of a family car should be done only in person to be sure of the car comfort and that it will suit all your loved ones. Our site will help you find an authorized dealer near me who sells Honda vehicles. This approach will simplify the buying procedure and help eliminate doubts about the correct choice of the model.

Car development

The first Honda Odyssey generation was put into mass production back in 1995. The mid-90s of the last century are generally characterized by the growth of the automotive industry and its orientation more towards ensuring passenger comfort than the driving performance of the car. When developing this model the company made the most of its experience in designing passenger cars. In addition to basic and standard units alternative solutions were actively implemented. For example the gear shift control was located on the steering column and not in the usual place between the driver and front passenger.

The successful design of this car, comfortable seats for passengers and good driving performance led to an increase in demand for the Honda Odyssey. The situation remains the same up to this day. The vehicle is being produced in several factories around the world at once to ensure fast sales without the need to pre-order. The car was continuously improved and adjusted to the real needs of the drivers so Honda even singled out the Asian Odyssey and the North American model. They are actively sold at authorized dealers throughout the country.

Technical features

The new 2021 Honda Odyssey belongs to the fifth car generation. This is a deeply modernized version with an improved road safety system that includes:

  • airbags;
  • traction control system;
  • EBD system;
  • BAS;
  • adaptive seat belts for all passengers.

The status of a family vehicle has led to the significant dimensions of the 2021 Honda Odyssey. They exceed the parameters of a conventional passenger car, but are more modest than those of minibuses. Machine dimensions in inches are as follows:

  • wheelbase - 118.1;
  • length - 205.2;
  • body width - 78.5;
  • height - 68.3;

The car is equipped with 18 inch wheels and ventilated disc brakes are responsible for a quick stop of movement.

The 2021Honda Odyssey in the basic version is equipped with two types of power plants:

  • a 2-liter gasoline engine paired with an electric motor with a total capacity of 145 horsepower;
  • a 2.4-liter diesel engine with a maximum available power of 190 h/p.

It is worth pointing out that the hybrid power plant is more energy efficient. The manufacturer claims the fuel consumption rate under optimal conditions at 3.8 liters for 100 km. The transmission is automatic and has two modes of operation: smooth economical and aggressive sporty. The drive is carried out only to the front wheels.

How to choose the right car modification

The interior of the car deserves special attention. Everything here is thought out to the smallest detail. Regardless of whether you are sitting in the driver's seat or in the third row the comfort will be maximum and the trip is pleasant. The leather interior leaves an excellent impression, the natural material used inside is of very high quality and the upholstery of armchairs and sofas is beyond praise. In the top versions of the car precious wood is used for decoration.

The most important advantage of this machine is 8 seats plus a spacious trunk. This makes the 2021 Honda Odyssey the perfect choice for the family.

You can buy this model from the company's official dealers throughout the country. We only work with trusted companies that receive good reviews about their work.


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