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New Honda Pilot with improved performance

The range of passenger cars produced by Honda is wide enough and allows you to choose a vehicle of almost any category. In the off-road vehicle segment the Japanese brand has focused on crossovers. The company's management has correctly calculated the direction of activity and as a result Honda SUVs are in high demand in the market. The Honda Pilot is the largest and most technically advanced model in this category. Thanks to its properties and capabilities it sets the direction for the production of crossovers by the company as a whole.

Buying a flagship crossover is always a big step. This machine has been purchased for more than one year. Its technical capabilities provide for long-term operation. Based on this it is worth determining in advance whether the basic configuration will suit you or it is better to choose older modifications with additional features. A personal prior to purchase inspection of the vehicle will help assess the vehicle correctly. This opportunity is provided by the official dealers of the "Honda Pilot" company. With our help you can find a reliable and trusted seller.

Vehicle design

The oldest model in the Honda crossover series has the most advanced driving performance and technical capabilities. The design bureau of the company has very carefully approached both the creation of the general concept of the Pilot model and the elaboration of its individual units and parts. The result is a high-quality, harmonious and reliable car that will surely satisfy even demanding drivers.

The first Honda Pilot generation hit the market back in 2002. Since then the model has been on the assembly line. Its design has been constantly modifying and even within one generation you can find quite different variants of the Honda Pilot.

Good demand for the car ensured the further development of this model. Since 2015 its third generation has been producing. Our site has a wide database of companies that sell Honda cars. Direct deliveries of machines from manufacturing plants allow trading companies to sell them at the best price. Official dealers can offer a wide range of Honda Pilot modifications and the ability to pre-order a car with specified characteristics.

Technical features

The car has a design that gives it a confident image of a powerful and reliable vehicle. Dignified appearance is supported by a well thought-out overall design. Although this model uses a unitized body it is equipped with a frame for easy and efficient towing. In addition this element provides enhanced capabilities when driving on soft ground.

The nose of the car is stylish and streamlined. You won't find massive radiator grilles here. The elegant chrome-plated air intake forms one wide silver arc with the headlights. Traditionally the running lights are symmetrically located in the lower part of the bumper. The side mirrors are equipped with turn signal repeaters. Wide side windows perfectly emphasize the size of the car. They are inserted in a single chrome frame. The rear part looks restrained and strict. The taillights have an interesting design: a massive triangular part is located on the body and its continuation in the form of a narrow rectangle on the trunk lid.

Machine advantages

The new Honda Pilot is powered by a powerful six-cylinder direct injection petrol engine. The power unit is 280 h/p and 262 Nm of torque. The automatic nine-speed transmission is very responsive and quickly adapts to engine speed when driving on any road surface.

Considering the total weight of the car at 4321 pounds it has quite good handling characteristics. So, the EPA index is 19 mpg in the city and 26 mpg when driving on the highway. Capacious 19.5 gallon fuel tank provides 507 mile of range under optimal conditions. Honda Pilot has the following dimensions:

  •  length - 196.5 inches;
  • wheelbase - 111 inches;
  •  width without side mirrors - 78.6 inches;
  • height - 70.6 inches.

The massive 20-inch wheels give the Honda Pilot good flotation on snow, sand, swamp and rough terrain.

The interior of the car is designed for 7 passengers. At the same time it is comfortable to sit on the second and third row of seats thanks to the spacious cab.

When buying a car we recommend that you pay attention to the presence of such components and systems:

  • improved audio system with a total power of 590 W with 10 speakers and a subwoofer;
  • fast connection system with a mobile phone;
  • satellite radio;
  • ventilation and heated front seats;
  • leather steering wheel with heating.

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