Lexus GX
(J150, facelift 2019) 460 V8 (301 HP) 4WD ECT
53 450 - 64 715 usd
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Specifications of Lexus GX (J150, facelift 2019) 460 V8 (301 HP) 4WD ECT

General characteristics of Lexus GX (J150, facelift 2019) 460 V8 (301 HP) 4WD ECT

The 2021 Lexus GX may not be a full-size SUV, but it's dimensions are still ample, measuring in at 192.1 inches long, although the 109.8-inch wheelbase is a bit short for the style of vehicle. It's surprisingly narrow, too, with a width of just 74.2 inches when the mirrors are folded. The height works out to 74.2 inches. The GX is a pretty capable off-roader, thanks to its 8.1-inch ground clearance and approach and departure angles of 21 and 23 degrees, respectively. This compares quite well against the Acura MDX, while falling short of what the Land Rover Discovery offers. Yet, the GX is heavier than either of these rivals - it weighs between 5,126 pounds and 5,192 lbs depending on the model.

The GX range is powered by a prehistoric 4.6-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine that develops only 301 hp and 329 lb-ft. Yes, there are modern four-cylinders that put these numbers to shame, and even Toyota's own Camry with its 3.5-liter V6 produces the same power output, but the GX is all about smoothness and durability. The GX's power lags behind leading rivals like the Land Rover Discovery, which gets up to 355 hp and 369 lb-ft, but it's more capable than the Acura MDX's 290 hp and 267 lb-ft. This engine may not be a modern rival, but it is proven to be reliable and hum around silently without disturbing occupants.

Unfortunately, while the engine may be capable of towing and off-roading, it certainly can't do so quickly. Getting around town isn't too much of a chore, assuming you aren't in a rush, because the upright shape makes getting up to speed feel like a chore. Passing on the highway can be a challenge as well, with mild speed increases requiring a huge amount of throttle input. An additional 50 hp would be welcomed. The six-speed automatic shifts smoothly in the background, and feels decently responsive with fewer gears to hunt through than rivals.

According to the EPA, the 2021 Lexus GX will return gas mileage figures of 15/19/16 mpg on the city/highway/combined cycles in all configurations. It is still one of the worst gas-guzzlers on the market, and the fact that it relies on premium gasoline doesn't help its case either. We averaged just over 16 mpg during our test drive period which spanned one week. By comparison, the luxurious powerhouse that is the Land Rover Discovery gets as much as 21 mpg combined whether you opt for its smaller 2.0-liter turbo-four or the 3.0-liter six-cylinder mild-hybrid version. The latest 2022 model Acura MDX in FWD guise manages 19/26/22 mpg, with the AWD variant not far behind on 19/25/21 mpg. With a 23-gallon gas tank, the Lexus GX will be able to cover approximately 368 miles between visits to the pumps.

As we've found in previous reviews, the GX's cabin is by no means small, but with three rows of seats squeezed in, there isn't as much passenger room as you'd expect. The cabin can accommodate seven as standard, reduced to six if you get the optional second-row captain's chairs. Those up front won't be complaining, though, with plenty of head- and legroom to spare. But, move back a row, and you will already notice a significant decrease in legroom, while the third-row seats can accommodate only smaller children comfortably. Getting in and out is pretty par for the course for a three-row SUV; the first two rows are quite accessible, but gaining access to the third row requires some finagling. Across every trim level, ten-way power front seats come standard, although they only gain heating and ventilation from the Premium upwards. At this level, the rear outboard seats gain heating, too. Forward visibility is excellent, thanks to a high driving position and a large windshield, but the length of the SUV and the many seating appointments can create rear and side blind spots, so you will be thankful for the standard blind-spot alert and parking sensors.

Despite its size, the Lexus GX doesn't boast a particularly spacious trunk, at least, not with all the seats in place. Behind the third-row seats, only 11.6 cubic feet of cargo space is provided. While you could technically make do with this for standard errands around town, you will often be wishing you had extra space. Luckily, the third row of seats folds down in a 50/50 split to open up 46.7 cubic feet. This is more than enough space for daily use and could easily swallow up the luggage of the remaining five passengers without too much fuss. The second-row seats can be folded down, too, in a 40/20/40-split if you need even more space. With all the seats down, the rear of the GX creates a 64.7-cubic-foot cargo hold capable of stowing some small items of furniture.

Small-item storage around the cabin isn't lacking, with a standard glove compartment supplemented by a moderately sized cubby beneath the center console armrest. Each of the four door pockets is deep and spacious, easily accommodating water battles and more. A pair of cupholders are provided for each of the three rows of seats.


Lexus GX
(J150, facelift 2019) 460 V8 (301 HP) 4WD ECT
53 450 - 64 715 USD
24 offers
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