500 V8 (477 HP) Automatic
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Specifications of Lexus LC CONVERTIBLE 500 V8 (477 HP) Automatic

General characteristics of Lexus LC CONVERTIBLE 500 V8 (477 HP) Automatic

The LC Convertible shares most of its key dimensions with the LC Coupe. It measures 187.4 inches in length, 75.6 inches in width, and has a 113-inch wheelbase. At 53.2 inches in height, it's just 0.2 inches taller than the coupe. With its low stance, the LC has 5.2 inches of ground clearance. Lexus says it has reduced the weight of the roadster by forgoing a traditional spare wheel in favor of run-flat tires and by using lightweight die-cast aluminum for the rear suspension tower brace, but the convertible still has a curb weight of 4,540 pounds, which is exactly 200 lbs more than the coupe.
Lexus has availed a selection of 11 exterior shades to customize the LC Convertible, including subtle hues like Ultra White, Liquid Platinum, Atomic Silver, Granite Mica, Caviar, and Obsidian. For the more adventurous, there are brighter shades such as Infrared, Flare Yellow, and Cadmium Orange, each of which will add an additional $595 to the price. Finally, for no additional cost, there is also Nightfall Mica and Nori Green Pearl. The soft top is available in either Black or Sand. Besides the racy Flare Yellow which seems better suited to an F-badged Lexus, the LC Convertible looks glorious in just about any other color combination. The 100 lucky customers who manage to score one of the Inspiration Series models will have their LC finished in a striking Structural Blue color. Our tester came wearing Ultra White paired with a red leather interior. Though this combination is pretty fashionable, we'd go for one of the brighter hues like Infrared.
Although the absence of turbocharging means that the LC can't quite match its rivals on paper, the naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 is such a joy that most won't care. With 471 hp and 398 lb-ft, it's hardly short of grunt, but its strength is in its linear power delivery and the stirring acoustics that are emphasized when the roof is lowered. The noise is irresistible and at every possible opportunity, we were downshifting through a tunnel or overpass just to hear it wail.
Turbocharged engines may have more torque, but we'd trade it away in a heartbeat for the deafening roar of natural aspiration. The ten-speed automatic transmission is the perfect partner for the V8 and comes with paddle shifters and a manual mode. In automatic mode, it shifts imperceptibly and keeps the V8 humming near-silently with zero vibration. Taking manual control, the auto 'box lets the engine rev to its 7,200-rpm redline, ripping shifts on the way up and blipping the throttle on the way down. The V8 doesn't reach its peak power until 7,100-rpm, so there's added incentive to wring out every ounce of revs from the engine.
There's a price to pay for that creamy, large-capacity V8 as the LC 500 Convertible simply isn't as thrifty as some competitors. Based on EPA estimates, the gas mileage figures of 15/25/18 miles per gallon on the city/highway/combined cycles are heavy. The BMW 840i Convertible mimics the 2020 model's 22/29/24 mpg figures, which shows just what a difference a smaller engine size and turbocharging can make. The LC's fuel economy depends on how you drive it. By taking it slow on the highway, we could almost manage around 30 mpg. During our week of testing, though, we fell victim to the LC's intoxicating V8 engine, repeatedly hitting redline and killing our fuel economy, the combined readout dropping to around 12.3 mpg. With its 21.7-gallon gas tank, the Lexus will manage a combined cruising range of approximately 390 miles in ideal conditions.
The rich, sumptuously detailed interior of the Lexus LC Convertible is a feast for the senses. It looks fantastic, and the detailing is phenomenal, from the flowing creases in the door panels and the stitched leather covering almost every surface. Along with the gentle ambient lighting and the integration of a Lexus analog clock, it evokes a sense of occasion that's second to none. Unfortunately, usability plays second fiddle to craftsmanship in some cases; the infotainment system remains frustrating to operate with that dreaded Lexus touchpad. However, there is no shortage of features to play with, including power-adjustable front seats, a power-adjustable steering wheel, SmartAccess keyless entry, and navigation with a 10.3-inch central color screen. Blind-spot monitoring and pedestrian detection are among the standard safety features.
Lexus markets the LC 500 Convertible as a four-seater, though calling it such in reality feels like a lie. There are rear seats, though they only offer 28 inches of legroom and 32 inches of headroom. For anyone larger than a small child, this amount of space won't be sufficient. At least the front seat occupants have plenty of space with just over 42.5 inches of legroom and 36.7 inches of headroom. The LC's chairs are less aggressive than those found in the similarly-sized RC F coupe, meaning we found them more comfortable on longer trips.
Pop open the trunk lid, and you'll find a shallow space that measures just 3.4 cubic feet, so you'll need to pack lightly for those weekend jaunts out of town. Anything tall simply won't fit in the cargo area. Then again, if you wanted a practical Lexus, you'd get a crossover. Storage space isn't much better inside the cabin, where the most notable aspect of the glovebox is the way it softly glides open; it is incredibly tiny, though. There is more space beneath the center armrest and an oddly-shaped square area than can be used as a cupholder in a pinch. As for actual cupholders, there's only a single one located ahead of the shifter. Like the other storage areas, the door pockets aren't as large as we'd like but can be handy for sunglasses.

500 V8 (477 HP) Automatic
101 100 - 2 USD
12 offers
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