Lexus LX
III (facelift 2015) 570 V8 (383 HP) AWD Automatic
86 930 - 91 930 usd
Lease price: $1 550 - $1 224
15 offers

Specifications of Lexus LX III (facelift 2015) 570 V8 (383 HP) AWD Automatic

General characteristics of Lexus LX III (facelift 2015) 570 V8 (383 HP) AWD Automatic

As you can see from the pictures, the LX is not a small vehicle. It's not as large as something like the Lincoln Navigator, but it's not easy to miss either. The specs read at exactly 200 inches long with a wheelbase of 112.2 inches. Height measures 75.2 inches while ground clearance is rated at 8.9 inches. For the off-roaders among us, the approach and departure angles measure 25 and 20 degrees respectively with a 23-degree breakover. The width is 78 inches on the dot while curb weight for the two-row starts at 5,800 pounds. The three-row is a little porkier at 6,000 lbs.

The LX 570 is available in four no-cost colors, namely Atomic Silver, Black Onyx, Nightfall Mica, and the new-for-2021 Nori Green Pearl, but you can also opt for Eminent White Pearl for $425 more. No other paint options are on offer, and although we think white looks great on this SUV, we'd probably opt for the Nightfall Mica option as this blue shade looks very classy on the LX.

The LX is old school, and nowhere is this more prominent than under the hood where a simple V8 engine lives without any assistance from turbochargers or electric motors. It produces an under-stressed 383 hp and 403 lb-ft of torque, which is enough to silent hum along without much effort, though rapid increases in speed are tough to come by. Lexus has attempted to isolate occupants from the V8, so you only hear a faint whisper from under the hood when you tap the accelerator. Mash the pedal, and the V8 produces a more audible roar, but the LX doesn't feel like it's going much faster. Such is the downside of a circa 6,000-pound SUV.

An eight-speed automatic transmission sends the power smoothly out to all four wheels, with gear changes occurring without any disruption to passenger comfort. With so much torque on tap, the LX rarely feels the need to downshift in normal traffic, but if you need a quick burst of acceleration, the eight-speed 'box can quickly drop a few cogs to get the big bruiser up to speed.

Whether you opt for the two-row or the three-row version of the LX, both are very thirsty. That's to be expected from a big V8 with no forced induction, but this SUV is particularly unkind to your fuel budget. Both variants of the LX achieved mileage figures of just 12/16/14 mpg on the EPA's city/highway/combined cycles. We averaged 14.6 mpg during our week-long test drive. To counter the thirst of the engine and avoid having you stop for gas every few minutes, the LX comes with a 24.6-gallon gas tank. With mixed driving, you can expect an average range of around 344 miles.

Lexus sells the LX as a two-row or three-row SUV, offering five and eight seats respectively. Occupants in the front row will find plenty of room, though the dashboard is not organized well to store small items. In the back seat, rear occupants receive an astonishingly low 34.4 inches of legroom due to the LX's body-on-frame design, trailing behind many a modern subcompact crossover. On the three-row model, a 50:50-split bench seat folds down from the sides of the cargo compartment, offering three seats with small-ish dimensions that are best left for small children - try just 28.3 inches of legroom on for size. Getting back to the third row is relatively easy with second-row seats that collapse and fold forward, but good luck if you have a car seat installed. Headroom is at least generous in all three rows due to the LX's towering height.

No version of the Lexus LX SUV feels spartan, with standard perforated leather trim on all seats. If you opt for the Luxury Package, you get semi-aniline perforated leather trim, which feels supple and cushy like an old fashioned leather recliner. The seats lack a bewildering amount of adjustment, but they are soft and comfortable once you sink into the leather. Lexus offers either Black or Parchment leather with Linear Espresso wood trim as standard. The Luxury Package opens up more exciting options like open-pore Brown Walnut trim and smart Cabernet (red) leather, or Dark brown Walnut with black semi-aniline leather. This package also avails the LX to the new Glazed Caramel upholstery color. We particularly enjoy the open-pore wood, which gives the LX a bespoke, hand-made feel.

If you opt for the two-row LX, you get an impressive 53.7 cubic feet of volume behind the rear seats. That's more than enough to take full-size luggage for each passenger and a little extra. In the three-row, the space behind the rearmost seats is limited to 16.3 cubic feet, until you fold those seats for a total of 41.6 cubic feet. Those rear seats fold up to the cargo area walls rather than into the floor, which hampers storage space. In either version of the LX, folding all rear seats gives you an expansive 81.3 cubes - more than enough for you to fit a couple of mountain bikes in the back if you're so inclined.

In the cabin, you get deep but narrow door pockets, center armrest storage, a glovebox, but only a very limited storage space in the dash for a phone that can double as a wireless charger. All of the off-road and drive mode controls take up a ton of space, so there isn't much room left for items like your sunglasses or keys.


Lexus LX
III (facelift 2015) 570 V8 (383 HP) AWD Automatic
86 930 - 91 930 USD
15 offers
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