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Among all car manufacturers, Nissan stands out for its benchmark value for money. Machines of this Japanese brand have long become a symbol of durability and reliability. Nissan never stops at what has been achieved and is constantly improving its range.

The main concept of the company's activity lies in its motto. Nissan's chosen expression “Sincerity brings success” very accurately conveys the organization’s maximum commitment to car production. The company carefully develops all the details and components of its vehicles. Even the younger models can boast of reliable build quality and an excellent resource of all mechanisms.

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Formation of the Nissan company

The history of Nissan has been going on for over 80 years. Car production has always been the main line in the commercial activities of this concern. At the same time, thanks to a powerful engineering and design base in the middle of the twentieth century, the company successfully developed in the direction of rocketry and ship propulsion systems.

Nissan's active marketing has always been aimed at meeting the demand of both discerning car enthusiasts and those who simply need a regular means of transportation. In addition, the emphasis in development was immediately placed in the direction of entering the international level. In the late 50s, Nissan cars began to be actively imported to other countries, mainly in the United States. After a successful debut in the North American market, the machines began to be shipped to Europe.

Family cars with moderate engine displacement constituted the basis of the lineup during this period. Their popularity has grown due to their economy and resources. In addition, having its own merchant fleet allowed Nissan to become the largest car exporter in the 70s.

It is very easy to buy a new Nissan today thanks to the company's wide network of car assembly plants around the world. Official dealers in large countries often supply cars that do not even cross state borders on the way to a car dealership.

Car development

It is worth pointing out that for a long time Nissan has produced cars under the Datsun trademark. Careful development of models in accordance with the needs of the market was very successful - the sporty Datsun 240Z became the best-selling car in its class in the world in the 70s.

In the future, Nissan engineers supplied their models with technical innovations of their own design and implemented by other companies. The most advanced innovations that have appeared in the automotive industry thanks to Nissan include:

  • improved three-level system of catalytic neutralization of exhaust gases;
  • designing cars using computer systems;
  • transmission type CVT;
  • modified seat belt with reduced response time.

By purchasing a Nissan car from an authorized dealer, you guarantee high quality and excellent technical characteristics. In addition, this approach gives the right to service in specialized service stations.

The lineup

An active policy of promoting Nissan vehicles has ensured the availability of cars of this brand on the market for every taste. Entry-level vehicles from this manufacturer include the Micra and Note models. These are excellent city cars that feel great both on narrow streets and on the freeway.

Almera, Tiida and Teana are good choices for a family car. The voluminous interior, roomy trunk, and smooth running make them very attractive as universal vehicles.

In the sedan body, the Nissan Maxima is the perfect choice. This powerful respectable car is already in its third generation and combines the best achievements of the company in the field of automotive industry.

SUVs are Nissan's own pride. Few companies have a similar wide lineup in this category. This includes both the urban variants of the Juke and Terrano and the real all-terrain vehicles Patrol, Pathfinder and Navara. All-wheel drive, powerful engine and special suspension design allow them to move confidently on almost any surface.

Many people today associate the name Nissan with the Leaf model. This electric vehicle embodies good driving performance, excellent operating efficiency and increased passenger comfort.

The dealer near me will help you find the Nissan car you like. There is no doubt about its quality, the required configuration, and affordable price. Conclude a contract and immediately after signing it, you will receive your car.

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