2.4L 4 cyl 9A
26 130 - 27 730 usd
Lease price: $1 025 - $738
18 offers

Specifications of RAM PROMASTER CITY Passenger Wagon 2.4L 4 cyl 9A

General characteristics of RAM PROMASTER CITY Passenger Wagon 2.4L 4 cyl 9A

The Ram is significantly shorter in length than the Mercedes-Benz Metris but is closer in size to the long-wheelbase version of the Ford Transit Connect. Total length comes in at 187.1 inches and the wheelbase is 122.4 inches; this lineup doesn't offer any extended wheelbase options. The van stands 74.2 inches tall and an overall body width of 84.6 inches including the mirrors means it's rather slim for the segment. Both trim levels share a curb weight of 3,682 pounds.

A total of seven exterior paint options are available for the Ram, and two of these are standard. While the other five are nice enough, we don't see the average shopper splashing out the extra $200 for them given that this vehicle is of a utilitarian nature. The two no-cost options include Bright White and Bright Red and our personal favorite would be the last one, but most hauler-focused shoppers will end up choosing Bright White. The five metallic hues include Deep Red, Blue Night, Silver, Quartz Gray, and Black.

The capable 178-horsepower 2.4-liter engine found in the Ram provides enough steady power to haul its occupants around without running out of breath. The ProMaster can't lay claim to real athleticism, which is to be expected from an entry-level van, and it becomes slightly sluggish when passengers bring their luggage along for the ride. Only one drivetrain is available, and both trim levels drive power to the front wheels. A maximum towing capacity of 1,867 pounds is offered by the ProMaster City Wagon, and the wagon manages a payload capacity of 1,713 pounds. You can expect to get to 60 mph in around ten seconds according to independent testing, which is adequate for an affordable carryall. You could fling a small toaster across the kitchen much faster, but it can't carry five human beings the way this big one can, so it's about picking your battles. The turbocharged Mercedes-Benz Metris outshines the Ram in terms of power, but also comes with a debt-inducing price tag. The ProMaster City manages to best the Ford Transit's power offering, even if only by a small margin.

Essentially a very large Tupperware container on wheels, pushing the Ram around a corner at an eager speed will result in some wobble, but if you keep to a reasonable pace when tackling the bends, it'll fare just fine. The cornering motto of the Ram ProMaster City wagon is "thou shalt lean, and roll we shall," but other than that, the van isn't all that bad. Putting the maximum number of passengers inside results in a lower center of gravity and mitigates the floaty feeling one experiences when it's a one-man affair. Steering is a mixed bag, and it allows for enough maneuverability for a quick trip around the city, which is what it was made for, to be fair. You're just not likely to know much about what the wheels are doing, thanks to pretty much no resistance and very little response. What it does accomplish, though, is a comfortable ride compared to a select few competitors and less engine noise making it into the cabin than expected.

Discounted practicality is the main focus of the ProMaster City's cabin environment, and it actually does rather well for the segment in terms of its interior proposal. While the features list doesn't read long, the ones that are included are useful and easy to use and locate. The van delivers everything you'd expect from a vehicle in the segment, and space is abundant whether you're the driver or a passenger. Ram took a no-fuss approach to the ProMaster City's infotainment system, though it can be upgraded for a slightly better suite of features. It lacks the likes of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but it does boast Bluetooth at the very least.

As expected, the entire cabin is brought to life via economical cloth and hard plastics, but the Ram is no worse off than most rivals, although products from Mercedes and Ford justify the increase in price with nicer materials in general. While the materials used for the inside may not be luxurious, they are durable and functional, making it easier for the van to do what it was intended for. Yet another reason to be forgiving of the discounted materials would be that they're solid and dependable, so comfort and safety are bolstered. Black is the only color choice available for the interior, although a lighter gray color for the seats on all but the base model's standard seats does brighten up the environment somewhat. Cloth upholstery comes standard on both trims, but vinyl upholstery can be had for an additional cost of $325 on the SLT trim or $375 on the entry-level model.





2.4L 4 cyl 9A
26 130 - 27 730 USD
18 offers
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