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New Toyota 4 Runner bad road conqueror

Toyota 4 Runner belongs to the class of frame SUVs. At the beginning of its production, the car was in the compact SUV segment, it was in 1984. At the same time, its production began, aimed mainly at the North American market. Since then, the car has received significant changes, in 2002 the model has grown to the mid-size segment.

The public presentation of the 5th generation of the Toyota 4 Runner took place in 2009 in Texas. The show of the frame SUV was carried out by the American branch of Toyota. Further, in 2013, the car was restyled, this version was already shown to users at a music festival held in California. In the exterior and interior of the car, changes were made, the technical part was left the same.

You can always buy a new Toyota 4 Runner from an authorized dealer. The company presents various versions and modifications of this car model. It will not be difficult to find a car in the desired color. In the presence of a large selection of original spare parts and accessories. For the entire Toyota model range, we have reasonable prices from the manufacturer.

The appearance of the fifth generation Toyota 4 Runner is quite assertive and rude. Which in general gives the car a brutal look. The front view is rather "unkind", the impressiveness of the body is added by square wheel arches and high stern. This is a complete off-road vehicle for men. At the same time, as a car from a Japanese manufacturer, most modern technical options are available to it. The main light is of a floodlight type, LED elements are installed. The wheels have alloy wheels with different sizes. Depending on the configuration, rollers are installed at 17 or 20 inches.

Dimensions and interior of Toyota 4 Runner

In terms of its external dimensions, the car is fully consistent with the mid-size class. Its length is 4831 mm, width is 1925 mm and height is 1781 mm. The distance between the wheelbase is 2789 mm. The machine has a sufficiently high ground clearance that allows you to easily overcome most difficult roads. It is a whopping 229 mm. the car is a little angular, while it looks quite interesting and pretty. The car has a steering wheel with various functions. Behind it is the dashboard, with electronic dials and a color screen. The large center console houses a huge multimedia center display. Below is the climate and air conditioning controls.

If you use the service  an official dealer near me, it is much easier to pick up a new car. In the company, any buyer will find a car according to their characteristics and requirements. Our managers, if necessary, will help with the choice, suggest the best options for a car that is fully suited to your preferences. They will talk about the advantages of the car model you like, its possible disadvantages. For the interior trim of Toyota 4 Runner, quality materials are used. For most configurations, use:

  • solid plastic;
  • high quality leather;
  • inserts made of materials that imitate wood.

The salon leaves a pretty good impression, both in the materials of decoration and in the style of it.

Front seats for cars with a wide range of settings. They are equipped with good lateral support to keep your back from fatiguing on long journeys. The second row of seats can be adjusted by changing the angle of the seat. There is enough space in the back to comfortably accommodate three passengers. As an option, a third row of seats is installed. They are not designed for adult passengers; they are more suitable for children.

The car, which is designed for 5 passengers, has a fairly roomy trunk. It will fit 1311 liters of cargo. When the third row of seats is installed, the volume is reduced to 255 liters. If you fold the second row of seats, the car owner will receive as much as 2,514 liters of free space in the luggage compartment.

Engines and other characteristics of the car

A 4-liter engine is installed under the hood of an SUV. This is a 6-cylinder gasoline naturally aspirated engine. They are arranged in a V-shape; the fuel supply is direct injection. The engine has 273 horsepower and 377 Nm of torque. Paired with the power unit is an automatic five-speed gearbox. There are three drive options for the machine. Rear, plug-in four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive version of the car with differential locks.

An official dealer is a great opportunity to buy a Toyota 4 Runner with a factory warranty. The company provides various options for registering a car purchase. The necessary contacts for communication are on the site. The all-wheel drive model can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.5 seconds. Average fuel consumption is 13.1 liters for combined travel.

The steering wheel has received a hydraulic booster, which contributes to ease of control. To improve the brakes, 335 mm calipers are installed on the front wheels, 310 mm on the rear. Already in the basic version, there will be available rear-view cameras, a stabilization system, an audio system, air conditioning, 17-inch alloy wheels and other equipment.




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