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New Toyota 86 conquers city roads

Toyota Corporation is better known as a manufacturer of quality vehicles for everyday driving than extreme counterparts. At the same time, the model range of the company also includes vehicles with sporting characteristics. This approach allows you to work out new technologies in conditions of increased workload, as well as increase the level of your own income by meeting the demands of drivers for high-speed vehicles.

Toyota 86 is a great sports car. Thanks to its design, it also copes well with city roads and racing tracks. The car has collected all the advantages of the manufacturer's previous developments. This applies primarily to a resource engine and a properly prepared running gear.

You can buy Toyota cars from official dealers of the company, which are located throughout the country. It should be borne in mind that certain modifications of Toyota 86 may be temporarily unavailable, or pre-order will be required to purchase them.

Affordable sport riding

The range of Toyota sports car models is not very wide. The market launch of the 86 is seen as a status decision when one of the world's leading brands must have sports cars in its garage. The designers carried out a lot of work in this direction, as a result of which the model 86 was presented to the public for judgment.

The first Toyota 86 went on sale in 2012. It is worth pointing out that this car is the result of an interaction with Subaru, focused mainly on the Japanese market. As a result, both manufacturers received a model at their disposal, which was released under different names.

The new Toyota 86 is made in the back of a compact three-door coupe, although there is also a second row of seats. The general construction concept is fully consistent with sports transport. The body is as streamlined as possible, which gives the car a minimum level of drag. In the lower nose section there is a massive air intake, which allows excellent ventilation of the engine compartment and blows the cooling system radiator.

Technical and operational characteristics

Like a classic sports car, Toyota 86 is equipped with rear wheel drive. The main engine for this model is a two-liter four-cylinder direct injection gasoline engine. At 7000 rpm, the unit produces 200 horsepower. The torque is measured at 6400 rpm and is 151 Nm.

Travel range is not a leading indicator in the Toyota 86, but this parameter is very good for a Japanese sports car. The machine is equipped with a 13.2 gallon fuel tank, allowing for 316 miles of city streets and 422 miles of highway in optimal conditions. Another criterion for assessing this characteristic is the EPA standard. It is 27 mpg for combined driving, 24 mpg for city and 32 mpg for highways.

The manufacturer calls Toyota 86 the most compact 4-seater sports coupe in the world. It has the following dimensions:

  • wheelbase – 101.2 inches;
  • length – 166 inches;
  • width – 69.9 inches;
  • height – 50.6 inches;
  • ground clearance – 4.9 inches.

As befits a sports car, it comes with massive P215 / 45WR17 tires. This rubber greatly improves its stability when cornering, and the turning radius is 36.1 inches.

The cabin space has a volume of 76.5 cubic feet, which is enough for 4 passengers, but no more. The trunk is small, with a volume of 6.9 cubic feet, allowing only useful loads to be stored in it.

Purchase over the Internet

Toyota 86 is the perfect choice for the experienced driver. If you do not have enough experience, we recommend using our website to find an authorized dealer near me who will provide a test drive service. This approach will eliminate the possibility of forming a mistaken opinion about the car. Model 86 is available in three versions, each of which can be equipped with both automatic and manual gearboxes. The basic version of Toyota 86 is equipped with the following components and assemblies:

  • a set of automatic airbags;
  • dynamic stabilization system,
  • anti-blocking system;
  • power steering;
  • Cruise control;
  • on-board computer;
  •  bi-xenon headlights;
  •  light sensor;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • system of access to the salon without a key.

The purchase of additional options should be determined in advance, since their cost may be significant, and it is recommended to coordinate this issue with a store consultant. A preliminary selection of a seller can be done in advance using our website. We only work with companies that get good reviews from car owners. A responsible approach to this issue will save your resources.


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