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New Toyota C-HR – fast and compact

Toyota C-HR car belongs to the ultra-compact category of cars. The model has front or four-wheel drive, which significantly increases its cross-country ability. The car has a striking design and modern technical capabilities. The manufacturer positions its car as a vehicle for active young people under 25, who move around the city a lot during the day. The car is suitable for those who want to stand out in the monotonous stream of city cars and emphasize their activity.

The car was first presented at the Geneva Motor Show in the spring of 2016. According to the company, the main audience for which the car is targeted is young people. The concept of this car was shown two years earlier in Paris. The compact, urban crossover segment is rapidly growing and evolving. The model received a memorable design, which inherited a lot from the Toyota Prius. Since 2017, Toyota C-HR has been sold in European countries.

It is profitable to buy a new Toyota C-HR from an authorized dealer. Cars with various configurations are available. It will not be difficult to choose an option for each customer. All machines from this manufacturer are distinguished by their reliability and workmanship. In the company of clients, reasonable prices are expected for the entire model range of this brand. A guarantee is provided, during which free maintenance and repair of the car is carried out.

Exterior and interior of the car

In the fall of 2019, a partial modernization was carried out for the car. The exterior was improved, new bumpers and LED optics were installed. We also worked on the soundproofing of the cabin, which has become much better. The electric power steering has been redesigned and reconfigured. One of the main changes can be considered the appearance of a top version, it is equipped with a hybrid drive with 184 horsepower.

The car in its appearance turned out to be quite knocked down and strong. It will certainly attract the attention of passers-by, although it cannot be called very beautiful. In appearance, various ideas from the manufacturer's company were embodied. Aggressive front, with quirky optics and an interesting shape of the bumpers. The general silhouette of the car is very similar to the coupe. The rear door handles are hidden, the wheel arches are enlarged for volume.

If you use the service – an official dealer near me, it is much easier to buy a new car. The company offers a large selection of original spare parts and high-quality components. It will not be difficult to choose a car according to your preferences and the required characteristics. Employees of the company, if necessary, will help in choosing a car. They will tell you about all the advantages and possible disadvantages of the model you like.

The dimensions of the Toyota C-HR are 4360 mm in length, 1555 mm in height and 1795 mm in width. The distance between the front and rear axle of the vehicle is 2640 mm, and the ground clearance is 160 mm. This model is characterized by:

  • high manoeuvrability;
  • good controllability;
  • reliability;
  • excellent dynamics of acceleration;
  • compactness.

The interior of the car is very rich in equipment and high-quality finishing materials, informative instruments and a large screen of the on-board system. The steering wheel is three-spoke with controls on it. For the multimedia system, an 8-inch monitor is installed with the simplest control. Various materials are used for the upholstery of the passenger compartment. Among them are soft plastic, good leatherette, in some trim levels genuine leather.

Other features of Toyota C-HR

There is enough space in the cabin for the front passengers. There are wide seats with good lateral support. For those in the second row, things are not so good. Spaces above your head and in the knees to a minimum. A person with a large stature will be rather uncomfortable here. The trunk is also not very large, its volume is 370 liters. It can be increased by folding the rear seats.

Several versions of engines are installed on the car. For standard configurations, a 4-cylinder engine with a volume of 1.2 liters is provided. Such a motor produces 116 horsepower at 5200-5600 rpm per minute. The maximum thrust is 185 Nm. For the top version, a 2-liter engine is provided. It is also a 16-valve four-cylinder. Power is more here, is 148 "horses" torque 189 Nm.

An official dealer is the best opportunity to buy a car in the required configuration. You can always choose a car according to the buyer's requirements. All Toyota cars in the company have the lowest prices. You can contact us through the site or by the contacts that are there.

The car accelerates to the first hundred in an average of 11 seconds. The maximum speed is between 180-195 km / h. Combined cycle fuel consumption is between 5.9 and 7 liters. It all depends on the configuration of a particular model. There are also two setup options for the hybrid version. The car has independent suspensions. In the front it is MacPherson, and in the back, there is a double wishbone element. Cross stabilizers are provided for both. An electric power amplifier is installed for the steering rack. All four wheels are equipped with disc brakes, which are accompanied by modern electronics.




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