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New Toyota Camry improves driver comfort

Modern cars manufactured by the Toyota concern are distinguished by excellent design and excellent technical characteristics. Considering that the corporation is one of the world's largest vehicle manufacturers its passenger cars are often the subject of imitation and copying. The design office of the company accurately predicts what exactly is required by an individual buyer and the market as a whole. Thanks to this approach Toyota cars are enjoying well-deserved popularity among North American car enthusiasts.

The new Toyota Camry the latest modification of which was released this year is one of the most recognizable and best-selling passenger cars of the Japanese manufacturer. It is a full-size family car with many characteristics of a premium vehicle. The modern equipment with which Camry can be bought in the car dealership will give you incomparable driving pleasure. Our website has a large database of official dealers. Only purchasing a machine from a direct supplier can guarantee the largest selection of models.

Model for a comfortable ride

The history of the model began in1982 when the first generation of the Toyota Camry rolled off the assembly line. The car formally belongs to the D segment and is a large family car. Although in terms of equipment the latest generations confidently possess all the properties of the E-class.

Today official dealers are selling the seventh generation of this car. The appearance of the machine is fully consistent with its technical characteristics. The company's designers have managed to give this large sedan maximum elegance. The nose section is the most notable in the streamlined hull. The original radiator grille is curved. Under the hood there is a large chrome insert. The fenders visually pass into the front bumper forming massive air intakes on the sides.

Depending on the modification the side windows can be finished with a chrome frame. The roof merges smoothly into the trunk. While the rear is similar in appearance to a hatchback it is a true sedan with a separate trunk.

The interior of the Toyota Camry model is large and comfortable. Wherever you sit there will be plenty of legroom. The controls are well thought out and ergonomic. On the steering wheel there are buttons for quick access to the media system. The dashboard houses the classic speedometer and tachometer while the multimedia screen is traditionally centered. Toyota Camry is equipped with the following units:

  • video cameras for panoramic views;
  • a complex to prevent a frontal collision;
  • pedestrian detection system;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • a lane change assistant;
  • LED headlights.

Our site selects only reliable and trusted sellers working directly with the Toyota concern. We suggest using an official dealer near me service representing the maximum package of pre-sale services.

Vehicle characteristics

A 4-cylinder gasoline engine is installed in the Toyota Camry usual versions. This is an excellent economical unit with a long service life. A volume of 2.5 liters allows you to develop a power of 203 hp and provide 184 Nm of torque.

There are versions with a hybrid power plant equipped with two electric motors with a total capacity of 120 horsepower and a battery.

Older versions are equipped with a powerful 6-cylinder engine. Power in 301 hp literally rips the heavy sedan from its place. Toyota Camry has the following maximum dimensions:

  • wheelbase – 111.2 inches;
  • length – 192.7 inches;
  • width excluding mirrors – 72.4 inches;
  • height – 56.9 inches;
  • ground clearance – 5.7 inches.

With the specified parameters the vehicle has a cabin volume of 100.4 cubic feet. This figure is more than enough for 5 passengers. The 15.1 square feet trunk will hold a lot of luggage or payload.

The machine has a 15.8 gallon fuel tank. In economy mode the Toyota Camry will be able to travel 442 miles in urban conditions at one gas station and 616 miles outside the city. The EPA is 28 mpg for city, 32 mpg for mixed mode and 39 mpg for highway.

Drivers note the excellent stability of the car when driving at a high speed. The large wheelbase allows you to feel confident even if you set the sport mode on the automatic transmission.

Preliminary selection of the seller

Before buying a Toyota Camry you should carefully select the necessary equipment for this car. The manufacturer supplies a wide range of Toyota Camry modifications to official car dealerships. The most common modifications are LE, SE, XLE and XSE. In addition limited versions of the machine with special characteristics are periodically produced.

Toyotas are sold in the North American market by many dealers. We will help you find a place where you can buy a car of this brand on the best terms.



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