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New Toyota Camry Hybrid prestige and elegance

Japanese auto giant Toyota has launched its popular Camry sedan with a hybrid powertrain to promote the concept of electric vehicles. This car represents the perfect balance of power, beauty and modern technology. In the car the user will be able to find all the advantages of a spacious, comfortable sedan and the possibilities of a hybrid installation. The car has excellent driving dynamics which puts it one step higher compared to previous versions.

Toyota Camry Hybrid belongs to business class cars. The user will find in it the characteristics that he likes the most:

  • reliability;
  • functionality;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • efficiency.

When developing a car the manufacturer managed to combine various things together. These are high indicators of acceleration dynamics, minimal emissions, low fuel consumption. Various technical solutions and the introduction of modern technologies allowed the car to take its rightful place in the niche of models with hybrid installations.

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Toyota Camry always has been considered the flagship of the Japanese manufacturer. The car was designed for users who value a safe and comfortable ride. The vehicle is perfect for business trips and business meetings. High driving characteristics ensure maximum smoothness while driving. You won’t feel any bumps on the road due to the energy-intensive suspension.

Toyota Camry trim levels and other characteristics

Camry Hybrid has got a pretty rich package. Many car enthusiasts will be surprised by its capabilities and range of options. For the most complete premium package the manufacturer has used all possible functions and additions. What the buyer can get when buying such a car model:

  • panoramic roof;
  • light-alloy R18 wheels;
  • front and rear LED optics;
  • leather seats with perforation;
  •  modern security systems;
  • an audio system with an 8-inch screen;
  •  tire pressure drop warning systems.

The car is equipped with a 2.5-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor. The torque of the electric power plant is 202 Nm. Fuel consumption for such a large sedan is quite low only 4.5 litres. These figures are relevant for mixed driving conditions.

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Hybrid model Toyota Camry is characterized by smooth body lines, stylish modern design. A reinforced rear suspension is installed in this model. The operation of the gasoline engine is perfect, the noise level is minimal. The latest versions of these cars are very powerful, economical and reliable. For a hybrid car a solid body is provided, the centre of gravity is made quite low which allows to get high controllability and manoeuvrability on any road surface.

Other features of Toyota Camry Hybrid

One of the main features of this car is the self-loading gasoline-electric power plant. A number of advantages will be available to the owner of such a car:

  1. The vehicle can always move, it does not need to be connected to the mains. This is not possible for cars powered only by an electric motor.
  2. The battery is charged automatically when accelerating during braking or deceleration.
  3. Gasoline and electric motors run as needed.
  4. Electric traction is mainly used when driving fast along city streets. This greatly helps in fuel economy.

For a 2.5-liter gasoline engine 178 horsepower is available, for an electric motor it is 88 “horses”. The total power plant of the Toyota Camry Hybrid is 218 hp. Acceleration to hundreds of kilometres occurs in 8.3 seconds. The ground clearance is quite good equal to 150 mm.

An official dealer is a good opportunity to buy a car at an affordable price. The company has a large selection of components and spare parts from the manufacturer. All contacts for communication are on the website. A warranty is provided during which maintenance and repair of the machine is carried out free of charge. A Toyota Camry Hybrid is sold in three versions:

  • elegance;
  • prestige;
  • premium.

The car has a fairly large trunk with a volume of 493 litres. The distance between the axles of the wheels is 2825 mm. There is an ample space inside the car both in the front and back seat. Front seats are with good lateral support. The rear passenger row has various adjustments.






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