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New Toyota Corolla expands the concept of a versatile vehicle

For over 50 years the Japanese automobile concern Toyota has been synonymous with superior quality in the vehicle manufacturing industry. Cars of this brand have excellent driving characteristics, practicality and reliability. Combining economy of use and long service life Toyota vehicles are in great demand both worldwide and in the North American market. It is worth noting that certain models of this manufacturer due to their characteristics have been on the assembly line since the middle of the last century. The new 2021 Toyota Corolla is an excellent continuation of the lineup using modern technological solutions.

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Advantages of the model

The new Toyota Corolla is one of the most successful models of the Japanese car manufacturer. The first generation was launched on the market back in 1966. The car belongs to the class of medium family vehicles. It is a reliable workhorse with a long overhaul period and active daily operation.

This car has two components of success: quality and economy. The machine is very unpretentious in maintenance and with proper care organization can serve the owner for many years. Continuous improvement of the model allowed it to become the top-selling car in the world in 1974. Today you can already buy the twelfth generation of this vehicle. It is worth saying that in the first half of 2000 more than 40 million cars were sold which broke all sales records in the entire history of this model.

The 2021 Toyota Corolla is a stylish and beautiful car. The streamlined body design immediately attracts attention. The dimensions of the car allow its convenient operation in urban conditions, and its excellent driving characteristics are fully revealed on intercity highways. The cost of the car is quite affordable for a family with an average income.

Technical specifications

The wide popularity of Toyota Corolla is due to its constant refinement and the release of a large number of modifications within one generation. In the 2021 model range the following configurations of this vehicle are available:

  • L CVT;
  • LE CVT;
  • SE Manual;
  • SE CVT;
  • XLE CVT;
  • XSE CVT;
  • Nightshade CVT;
  • Apex SE CVT;
  • Apex SE Manual;
  • Apex XSE CVT.

This approach will allow you to choose a car with any performance. However whatever the system is installed in the Toyota Corolla the dimensions of the car within one generation remain the same:

  • length –- 182 inches;
  • width – 70 inches;
  • height – 56 inches;
  • wheelbase – 106 inches;
  •  road clearance – 5 inches.

With the specified parameters P225 / 40HR18 tires are used for this machine. There are modifications with stamped steel discs and light-alloy counterparts. Considering that the car weighs 3,055 pounds, it has some pretty decent dynamics. At the same time the new Toyota Corolla is very stable even at high-speed cornering.

The machine belongs to vehicles for everyday use. The designers carefully carried out the work on the design and layout of the cabin. Its volume is 88.6 cubic feet. At the same time the trunk size is 13.1 cubic feet. In this car it is equally convenient and comfortable for passengers to use the seats of the first and second rows.

The power plant of the Toyota Corolla is very economical. The car is equipped with a 2 liter gasoline engine. At 6600 rpm the motor can develop 169 horsepower. On one gallon of gasoline the car can travel up to 36 miles on the highway and 29 miles in the city. With a fuel tank of 13.2 gallons there will be 382 miles on a single gas station in the city and 475 miles on the highway.

Quick car purchase

Buying a car is a rather responsible step associated with certain risks and expectations. Therefore an authorized dealer will provide significant assistance and full information about the offered car models. Toyota Corolla is an excellent choice that combines all the characteristics of a quality car at a reasonable price. The next step is to select a responsible and reliable seller providing the maximum package of pre-sale services. Although there are quite a few companies that sell Toyota cars in the North American market we recommend choosing only those that cooperate directly with the car manufacturer.

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