Toyota Corolla
Axio XI (facelift 2017) 1.5 (109 HP)
20 075 - 25 975 usd
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Specifications of Toyota Corolla Axio XI (facelift 2017) 1.5 (109 HP)

General characteristics of Toyota Corolla Axio XI (facelift 2017) 1.5 (109 HP)

Dimensions across the range are largely similar on the Corolla sedan. All models are 70.1 inches wide with a height measurement of 56.5 inches, but the Apex model is 0.6 inches lower. The wheelbase measures 106.3 inches, but while most models are 182.3 inches in length, the SE and XSE trims are 182.5 inches long. Curb weight starts at 2,910 pounds on the base model, while the LE is 45 pounds heavier. The SE in CVT guise is 3,110 lbs while the manual is 3,055. The XLE and XSE trims weigh 3,045 and 3,150 lbs, respectively.

The Toyota Corolla has never been a shrine to performance, and 2022's version is no different. The Corolla comes with a choice of two engines, both of which are four-cylinder motors with no forced induction. The entry-level engine is a 1.8-liter that produces 139 hp and 126 lb-ft, and as you can guess, a 0-60 mph time of less than 10 seconds is all you can ask for here. The 2.0-liter is slightly better with its 169 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque, but this engine still only motivates the Corolla to get from 0 to 60 mph in eight seconds. Clearly, the Corolla was never built for top speed. However, what the front-wheel-drive sedan does offer is a comfortable ride along with remarkably good handling. It's not going to win any autocross events, but it is sprightly enough to feel capable, and in an affordable sedan like this, anything more would probably be considered overkill. The only rivals in the segment to offer AWD come from Japanese kin like Mazda and Subaru, whose Mazda 3 and Impreza offerings can drive all four wheels.

Toyota divides the Corolla lineup into two sub-lines, Luxury and Sport, denominated by the 'L' or 'S' in the trim name. The standard engine on L-line models is the smaller 1.8-liter four-pot with 139 hp and 126 lb-ft. It's always mated to a continuously variable transmission, so if the engine proves uninspiring - which it likely will for anyone but the most speed-fearing student drivers - the transmission won't set your hair on fire either. This configuration may cause you to give up driving altogether, as even metropolitan busses get off the line quicker than this. You'll never fail at overtaking anyone either because you'll be too scared of the car approaching from the opposite direction, even if that car is so far away that it can only be detected by radar. Essentially, once you're in a lane, make sure it's a slow one and try to stick to it.

However, if you get the 2.0-liter four-banger with its 169 hp and 151 lb-ft, you'll find that getting going is a little easier to achieve. It's still not a fire-breathing power plant, but it's good enough to not be frustrating, and overtaking is now an option. The CVT that comes in the SE and XSE trims is also a "Dynamic-Shift" setup that emulates ten traditional gear ratios, and certainly feels far more refined and eager to get you off the mark. The SE's available six-speed manual is the highlight of the range, with its smooth and light stick making driving the Corolla a little more enjoyable. Whichever powertrain you choose, you won't feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and although this segment is not the place to find Autobahn missiles, most rivals are more polished and quicker.

The Corolla has always promised low running costs, and where the lackluster powertrains may seem boring, they greatly benefit fuel consumption in the real world. The base L trim is impressively frugal, returning a claimed 30/38/33 mpg on the EPA's city/highway/combined cycles. The LE returns the same figures, while the XLE - the final 1.8-liter model - promises 29/37/32 mpg. With its 2.0-liter engine, the SE returns remarkable figures of 31/40/34 mpg, despite providing more power. But, when paired with the manual transmission, it returns 29/36/32 mpg. The XSE is a little heavier and promises 31/38/34 mpg, but all models come with a 13.2-gallon gas tank. Maximum range with mixed driving is estimated at around 449 miles.

All trim levels of the Corolla sedan seat five individuals in decent comfort, but those over six-feet will only narrowly miss the roof when seated in the back. The seats are inoffensive, although lower trims only come with manual adjustment and have fairly flat cushioning. On the SE and XSE variants, you get sports seats that offer more support without invading on comfort, and power-adjustment is available on higher trims with eight-way adjustment for the driver and four-way adjustment for the person riding shotgun. Getting in and out is a breeze too, and there's plenty of space for long legs at 42/34.8 inches front/rear. In the driver's seat, the layout is easy to live with and all-round visibility is decent. Essentially, the Corolla neither blows your mind nor makes sitting in the car unbearable. It's just discreetly good.

The 2022 Corolla sedan offers a respectable 13.1 cubic feet of volume in the trunk, which is enough for all occupants to bring weekend luggage, but if you need more space, the rear seats fold in a 60/40 split to allow for longer items. Rivals offer more, however, with the brand-new Civic Sedan being the class leader at 14.8 cubes.

You get a pair of cupholders up front in the cabin, a spot under the dash for your keys and some loose change, and large door pockets. There's also a decent glovebox, but if you get the base L trim, you won't get a pair of cupholders in the back.

Toyota Corolla
Axio XI (facelift 2017) 1.5 (109 HP)
20 075 - 25 975 USD
27 offers
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