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New‌ Toyota Mirai – a new look at the ideal car

The new Toyota Mirai is stylish, serene and tech-savvy. It is a luxury hydrogen fuel cell sedan with seats for up to five people, with an emphasis on luxury driving. It is perfectly balanced and superbly controlled. Therefore, for lovers of maximum quality, as well as style and status, this option will be ideal. To buy such a machine quickly and without unnecessary paperwork, you should contact our company. The benefits of cooperation with us have already been appreciated by hundreds of motorists. What do we offer:

  • wide selection of Toyota models and series, as well as other popular brands;
  • affordable prices, since the company works without intermediaries, only with trusted dealers;
  • qualified employees;
  • a full range of information and legal support;
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We will help everyone who wants to buy a car of his dreams, which will serve for a long time without any problems. The company takes over the execution of all documents of purchase and sale, significantly saving the nerves and time of its customers.

What has changed in the new model

The new vehicle model of this car line is strikingly different from its predecessors. The only thing that can be noted is that it also showcases new developments based on Toyota's hydrogen cells. This car positions itself as a rear-wheel drive sedan, equipped with a platform that has been borrowed from the unsurpassed Lexus LS. Reinforced pillar, clear roof lines, elongated proportions of the presented car look luxurious. This is the main difference from its predecessor. The battery, which is part of the fuel cell unit, is located under the hood. It is rated at 1.2 kWh, 221 lb-ft of torque and 182 horsepower. Cylindrical hydrogen tanks can hold about 5.6 kg or 12 pounds of a light cell. The car is about 196 inches long and has a lot of space inside. For the interior decoration, the manufacturer used modern high-quality materials that look very organic and sophisticated.

A view that captivates at first sight

According to every official dealer, the 2021 Toyota Mirai could be the brand's most beautiful sedan to date. It is both piquant and understated, with a stylish sporty profile, offering soothing details up close and earning a bonus point for this combination. Main defining features:

  • the muted exterior looks reminiscent of the large Avalon sedan – if it were reloaded to get rear-wheel drive proportions;
  • Mirai combines the best features of Toyota and Lexus, so it is difficult to determine which of them influenced the interior design more;
  • the line of vents runs diagonally in the dashboard from the passenger door, which is slightly tilted towards the driver, and this is similar to the layout of the cockpit of a sports sedan, only more straight;
  • no exhaust gases, except for water vapor;
  • 12.3-inch infotainment screen;
  • one of the most precise steering feel we've ever had in a Toyota lineup;
  • the choice of textures and soft-touch finishes in muted but contrasting shades meets the demands of a sporty yet mature style.

The Mirai is graceful in every way, it may look like a sports sedan, but after a few minutes in the driver's seat, it becomes abundantly clear that in addition to drive, there is also maximum comfort. Slow acceleration, exceptionally smooth feed and balanced travel make the ride smooth and elegant. Considering all the advantages of the car, it is not surprising that the demand for it and sales are growing every day.

Interior: comfort and quality

The Mirai cab retains most of the first impressions it makes. First-class fit and trim ensure maximum enjoyment for both driver and passengers. The leather-covered Mirai seats are large and comfortable, they are fully sufficient for passengers of any size. The trunk is enough for 9.6 cubic feet, but unfortunately there is no way to fold the rear seats to make more room. The Mirai cabin is quiet and collected. Fuel cell components are distant noise, and the driver can only hear the muffled whine of electric motors during hard acceleration. What the security system includes:

  • automatic emergency braking;
  • active lane control;
  • road sign recognition and blind spot monitors;
  • eight airbags;
  • folding armrest with climate and audio controls;
  • easy-to-use infotainment system;
  • surround camera system.

The Mirai is a fully featured and luxurious vehicle with a range of features that match the premium feel. Choosing such a car, you will feel great both on noisy city streets with busy traffic, and on any autobahns. An authorized dealer who has the necessary information about the presented cars will help to make a purchase more profitable. He will also help you arrange the necessary documents – quickly and competently.


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