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The new Toyota Prius is a stylish hybrid

The Toyota Prius series of cars are stylish, comfortable and maneuverable cars, which are distinguished by the presence of two power plants: a gasoline and an electric motor. Thanks to the presence of innovative assistants, the control of such vehicles is simple and straightforward. Therefore, the sale of such machines is in great demand.

Appearance of cars

The cars have received many changes in appearance compared to their predecessors. They became lower, longer and wider. Streamlined shape. Reduced drag coefficient. The bulges and folds of the bonnet are visually eye-catching. The radiator grill also received changes. The front part is distinguished by sharp angles, elegance. The hood and windshield became sloping. The exterior of Toyota Prius cars is futuristic. This vehicle is a hatchback with minivan features. If you enter “dealer near me” in the search engine, you can buy one of the Toyota Prius cars at a bargain price.

Optical equipment has been updated. LED lights have been redesigned. The taillights look spectacular, which added a sporty style to the cars.

Salon interior

The new Toyota Prius has received quality interior materials, but the biggest change is the center console screen. Soundproofing is also well developed here.

The cabin can accommodate 5 passengers. There is ample space for both rows of seats. People can sit comfortably in the front and back. The internal space allows you to attach 2 child seats, which makes it possible to travel with children. The interior design is pleasant, made with quality materials.

The salon is equipped with a powerful audio system with 6 speakers, a hands-free system, digital radio, many connectors and the ability to connect to a smartphone.

The interior space has been made the most practical for all passengers. There are many niches and shelves for storing things: pockets in the rear and front doors, seat backs, glove compartment, holders for sunglasses, cup holders. It is real to drive in such a car with comfort. An authorized dealer will help you to purchase one of the models in the series.


The new Toyota Prius series has received improved handling. The nature of the ride is calm and measured. With the steering wheel in hand, the driver feels confident and safe. These cars take turns well. They are equipped with a high-quality braking system that responds sharply when there is interference on the road.

Two engines are responsible for a powerful ride: gasoline and electric. Front-wheel drive is included as standard. Cars can accelerate up to 100 km in 10 seconds. This transport is quite economical, since 3.1 liters are enough for 100 km in city traffic. On country roads, you will need 2.9 liters per 100 km.

Fast acceleration gives a smooth transition between gasoline and electric motors. The low center of gravity, powerful suspension provide excellent handling. The basic version of these models includes equipment with alloy wheels and a tire repair kit.

Comfort and safety of models

These hybrids received 5 stars in testing. Therefore, they are as safe and reliable as possible. Particular convenience is provided by: cruise control, rear view camera, lane departure warning system, emergency braking. The pedestrian detection function allows the driver to notify the driver about people moving near the vehicle. The basic equipment includes active parking assistance, sensors that monitor blind spots, and a rear cross-traffic alert system.

As a comfortable ride in cars of this series, heated side mirrors, a light sensor, electrically adjustable side mirrors, a reminder to turn off the headlights, a socket for rear and front passengers are provided. Thanks to the manual adjustment of the driver's seat height, the seat can be adjusted to suit you. Heated front seats provide a comfortable ride in cold weather. Luggage compartment lighting allows you to unload and load items at night without discomfort.

Particular comfort for rear passengers in the new Toyota Prius is achieved by heating the footwell. This is an essential part of winter comfort.

The presence of adaptive windshield wipers in case of rain create good road visibility for the driver. When parking, special warning sensors display the situation on the carriageway behind the vehicle on the central display.

The automatic high beam ensures a relaxed driving experience in the dark. Now the driver does not need to constantly switch the lighting on his own.

In these cars, everything is provided for the convenience of passengers. The salon is equipped with rear and front bottle holders. There are clothes hooks near the rear seats, which is a prerequisite for maximum comfort. Buying one model from the Toyota Prius series today is a great solution for active drivers.



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