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The new Toyota Prius Prime is a powerful Hybrid

The new Toyota Prius Prime series has received many UI elements included in the basic kit. Such cars are record holders in terms of power reserve and fuel consumption. Their original design attracts at first sight. The new Toyota Prius Prime is much different from the very first generation of these series cars. It received a futuristic design and the ability to charge from a simple outlet.

Car exterior

The appearance of the cars is expressive and elegant. The front end is distinguished by its aggressiveness and equipped with narrow LED headlights. The bumper is sculpted. At the front the cars are characterized by a low body kit. The fog lights are positioned vertically and resemble the fangs of a tiger. This gives them power in appearance and irresistible excitement. The rear of the car has got attractive powerful lights and an increased trunk kit. A black strut complements the view of the stern. There is a fin on the roof of the cars under which a radio antenna is located.

Car cabin

The interior of the cars is equipped with comfortable front seats that have a lot of adjustments. They are designed in the form of buckets with a large headrest and side supports. The driver has a large armrest at hand, 2 cup holders and a panel for wireless charging of devices. The dashboard is highlighted by a large touchscreen. Above there is a thin line of the console that houses the controls. The cabin is designed for 4 passengers. The rear seats have a center console with cup holders. Thanks to these conveniences the sale of these models is quite brisk.

The interior design received black decorative elements which made it more sophisticated and stylish. For the convenience of front passengers an extended sun visor is provided. Near the driver there is only a three-spoke steering wheel. It is operated via a screen on the center console.


These vehicles are characterized by a hybrid drive. They are driven by an electric motor with a lithium-ion battery and a gasoline engine. The total power of Toyota Prius Prime cars is 121 h/p. Such hybrids have performed well in fuel economy. It will take 5 and a half hour to fully charge the cars. When driving in combined mode the transport spends 1.96 liters per 100 km. The cars are equipped with brake discs on all 4 wheels and an electric power steering.

Toyota Prius Prime is something in between vehicles that consume the usual fuel and clean electricity. The car belongs to the "green type" of machines.

The maximum speed is 162 km / h. Acceleration to 100 km is 11 seconds. These cars are not for fast driving. With a full battery charge the vehicle can travel 40 km. The maximum distance that these hybrids can cover with a full tank and a charged battery is 1000 km. Power plants operate with a variator-type gearbox. An authorized dealer with complete information about each car will help you to purchase one of the Toyota Prius Prime models.

The basic configuration of the hybrids includes 8 airbags, a multimedia center, navigation, climate control, heated front seats and electric windows. As options it is provided with a powerful audio system with 10 speakers, a parking system. The seats are upholstered in artificial leather.

Such cars are suitable for a calm and comfortable city driving. They differ in three driving modes:

  • EV  here the electric motor is switched on first, the car moves smoothly and without noise;
  • Hybrid  this mode saves battery power for a special occasion;
  • EV Auto  an internal combustion engine and an electric motor work in harmony complementing each other.

Drivers note that such cars are very stable on the road. In some way this is provided by the presence of a weighted battery.


Active safety systems include: protection from blind spots, warning of a moving car behind, pedestrian recognition system, cruise control. A set of front and side airbags and curtains is used as passive systems. Their number may vary depending on the configuration. Special ABS and ASR systems eliminate the possibility of skidding and overturning on slippery roads and when cornering. Lane keeping ability can prevent collisions. The dealer near me will provide complete information about the cars.

These vehicles will definitely appeal to young drivers who love travelling. A spacious trunk of 370 liters makes it possible to load more than one suitcase.

The advantages of such machines are:

  • large cruising range up to 1000 km without refueling;
  • adaptive cruise control;
  • 8 airbags;
  • stylish interior;
  • expressive exterior.

These machines are easy to operate, technologically advanced and economical. Conservationists will appreciate these hybrid vehicles with the Euro 6 emission standard. Buying one of the Toyota Prius Prime models is the right decision.


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