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New Toyota Sequoia car of great possibilities

The full-size SUV, which is the Toyota Sequoia, began to be produced on the platform of the famous Tundra car model. The first Sequoia show took place in 2000 at the Detroit Auto Show. Officially, the car is intended for sale in America and the East.

The release of the second generation of Toyota Sequoia SUVs took place in 2007. At the same time, the car was presented to users in Los Angeles, at a car show. It was intended for sales in the North American market. In terms of its dimensions, this model has significantly bypassed the previous version of the car. It has received big changes, both inside and out. Toyota Sequoia has become more technological, many modern systems and options have been added. During its release, the five-door model of this car has constantly received various updates. The last time it was in 2016, when the changes affected the equipment of the machine.

It is profitable to buy a new Toyota Sequoia from an authorized dealer. The company has a large selection of cars with various configurations. Each customer will be able to choose a car according to their wishes and characteristics. All models that are on sale are from a direct manufacturer, they have a guarantee. For the entire period of the warranty period, free car maintenance and repairs are made.

Sequoia's appearance can only evoke respect and delight. The impressive dimensions give the car a solidity, it looks quite brutal. Stylish front with slightly squeezed headlights and a large grille looks cool. Body features can be found on most Toyota vehicles. Enlarged wheel arches, interestingly shaped lights are installed at the back, the luggage door is large enough, which makes it convenient to load or unload various cargo and luggage. The car does not claim to be a handsome man, but it looks very dignified.

Parameters and interior of Toyota Sequoia

The second issue of "Sequoia" got a fairly large size. The SUV stands out for its overall size, among the representatives of its class. Its length is 5210 mm, width is 2027 mm, and the height of the car is 1895 mm. The distance between the axles of the wheels is 3099 mm. Also, this car easily overcomes almost any off-road, having a ground clearance of 254 mm. The weight of the equipped car is 2600-2735 kg, it all depends on the configuration and version of each specific model.

The interior of the Toyota Sequoia is as chic as the exterior of the car. A massive front panel is installed inside, a large, comfortable steering wheel is equipped with multifunctional functions. For the instruments that are behind it, six indentations were made. In the middle there is a large colour screen and 4 air vents for air conditioning. Everything is assembled with the highest quality; very solid materials are used.

If an authorized dealer is near me, buying a car becomes easier. In the company, the buyer will find a wide range of spare parts and components. Parts for all models are available from the manufacturer Toyota. In the sale of cars of various colours, it will not be difficult to choose your favourite colour. Toyota Sequoia has the following qualities:

  • high cross-country ability;
  • maximum comfort for all passengers;
  • memorable appearance;
  • reliability and durability.

Most buyers choose this car for these characteristics. At the same time, it has many other advantages.

For most trim levels of the car, the salon is designed for 8 passengers. For top-end versions, the second row of seats is equipped with 2 separate chairs. The front seats have a wide range of adjustments and comfortable support, this is important for all car trim levels. There is a lot of space inside, all passengers feel comfortable and free.

Other characteristics of Toyota Sequoia

The luggage compartment in the car is very large, designed for 804 liters. By folding the last two rows of seats, the boot volume can be increased to a whopping 3421 liters. This will allow you to transport a fairly large amount of cargo and luggage. There is a full-fledged spare wheel under the bottom.

An official dealer is an opportunity to profitably buy a car you like. The company's managers will always help with the choice, suggest the best options that suit your needs. They will tell you about all the advantages and possible disadvantages of the car model you like. All contacts for communication are available on the company's website.

For the North American market, the car is offered with one powerplant option. An atmospheric V8 engine is installed on the SUV, with a fairly large volume of 5.7 litters. It contains 32 valves; a distributed injection system is used here. The power of the car is an impressive 381 horsepower, the torque is 543 Nm. The engine works in conjunction with a six-speed automatic transmission. The drive on the car is rear, as an option, you can install full on all wheels. Despite its large size and weight, the car is quite playful. Up to the first hundred, its "shoots" in just 6.7 seconds, the maximum speed is 180 km / h. Fuel consumption is naturally "decent", in the combined cycle is 16.7 litters for every 100 kilometres.



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