Toyota Sequoia
II (facelift 2017) 5.7 V8 (381 HP) Automatic
50 500 - 69 775 usd
Lease price: $1 038 - $793
21 offers

Specifications of Toyota Sequoia II (facelift 2017) 5.7 V8 (381 HP) Automatic

General characteristics of Toyota Sequoia II (facelift 2017) 5.7 V8 (381 HP) Automatic

There is no denying that the Toyota Sequoia SUV is a hulking brute of a machine, with massive dimensions that enable it to host so many passengers and all their stuff. Length measures 205.1 inches, and the 122-inch wheelbase is to thank for the spacious cabin. The overall width is 79.9 inches, while it stands 77 inches tall.

Ground clearance ranges from 9.6 to 10 inches, depending on model and drivetrain, with curb weight similarly ranging from 5,730 lbs on the lightest 2WD trim to 6,000 lbs on the heaviest 4WD, the Platinum. Regardless of drivetrain, the approach angle is 27 inches, while the departure angle is 20 degrees for the 2WD and 21 degrees for the 4WD options.

The only engine option in the entire Sequoia range is a 5.7L V8 that develops 381 hp and 401 lb-ft. Even compared to other old-school nat-asp units, it's not the most powerful, and it pales when going up against modern turbocharged motors - except in proven durability which the Sequoia retains and wears as proudly as it does its Toyota badge. Nevertheless, it supplies a decent amount of passing power on the highway, and the low-down torque means that getting around town is a simple task. Handling the shifting of gears is a 6-speed automatic, which we're not particularly fond of as the shifts feel heavy-handed and very noticeable. You get a choice of rear- or four-wheel drive on every model except the TRD Pro, which is 4WD only.

There is a reason automakers are abandoning large-displacement, naturally aspirated engines, and the Toyota Sequoia is a perfect example of why. In rear-wheel-drive guise, it returns abysmal gas mileage of just 13/17/15 mpg across the city/highway/combined cycles. The four-wheel-drive models are a bit heavier with more mechanical drag, which equates to even worse figures of 13/17/14 mpg. Going off-road, we got the indicated MPG down to a horrific 7 mpg.

To make up for this, the car comes with a large 26.4-gallon fuel tank, allowing it to travel 396 miles between refuels, and only slightly less in 4WD guise.

The immense size of the Sequoia benefits it here again by endowing it with an enormous trunk. Many three-row vehicles end up sacrificing all their cargo capacity when the rear-most seats are in place, but the full-size Toyota SUV still supplies an impressive 18.9 cubic feet. Still, this isn't enough room for five people's luggage, let alone eight. For that kind of space, you'll need to fold down the third row, freeing up 66.6 cubic feet. Since many people will be moving only four or five people daily, this makes the Sequoia extremely practical. If you need to move house, folding down all the seats behind the first row opens up 120.1 cubic feet.

There is also a fair amount of small-item storage around the cabin, including a total of 16 cupholders (18 on Platinum trims). There is also a covered armest with a storage compartment and a spacious glove compartment. Each of the four doors houses a large pocket that can easily store a water bottle or more.

Toyota Sequoia
II (facelift 2017) 5.7 V8 (381 HP) Automatic
50 500 - 69 775 USD
21 offers
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