Toyota Tacoma
III Double Cab 3.5 V6 (278 HP) Automatic
26 700 - 44 075 usd
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Specifications of Toyota Tacoma III Double Cab 3.5 V6 (278 HP) Automatic

General characteristics of Toyota Tacoma III Double Cab 3.5 V6 (278 HP) Automatic

As you'd expect from a pickup truck that spends much of its time playing in the mud, the Tacoma has the kind of dimensions that really make it stand out. If you pair the Access Cab with the six-foot bed, you will get a 127.4-inch wheelbase within a 212.3-inch body. The Double Cab with the five-foot bed shares these dimensions, but the Double Cab with the six-foot bed measures 225.5 inches long with a 140.6-inch wheelbase. The lower trim levels have a width of 74.4 inches, but once you upgrade to the TRD Sport, an extra 0.8 inches are added. Similarly, each model stands 70.6 inches tall, except for the Trail Edition and TRD Pro, which are around one to two inches taller than the rest. In its most basic of guises, the Tacoma tips the scales at 3,915 pounds, while weight increases to 4,550 lbs on the heftiest guise.

To help it handle rougher terrain, the Toyota pickup boasts a ground clearance of 9.4 inches, but specific configurations alter the approach/breakover/departure angles. This ranges from 29/20/23.1 degrees up to 35/24/23.5 degrees on the normal models. The two special editions' figures differ; the Trail Edition's figures are 34/26.4/23.6 degrees and the TRD Pro is the best of the lot with 36.4/26.6/24.7 degrees.

The Tacoma is certainly not built for high performance, even with the specs set to max. The 278-horsepower V6 provides enough power to lug it around, moving it from 0 to 60 mph in around eight seconds. This is quite a bit slower than what rivals like the Ford Ranger are capable of, though. It's the torque that matters when it comes to doing heavy work, though, but the Tacoma falls behind competitors like the Ranger here, too. Again, you'll want to avoid the middling four-cylinder base engine, since it can only handle towing a mere 3,500 pounds. Properly configured and equipped with the V6, the Tacoma can haul a maximum of 6,800 lbs, as opposed to the 7,500 lbs of the Ford.

For towing purposes, the RWD drivetrain is the best option, but if you plan to go off-road, the four-wheel drivetrain is a must.

Of the two engines available to the Toyota pickup, the first is rather unimpressive. Developing 159 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque, the 2.7-liter four-pot moves the hefty Tacoma truck along, but not with any degree of haste. A six-speed automatic gearbox does duty here and both 4x2 and 4x4 drivetrains are on offer. This engine is standard on the SR and SR5, while the upper trims get the V6 engine as standard. Displacing 3.5 liters, the stronger engine develops 278 hp and 265 lb-ft, and power is directed to your choice of the rear or all four wheels, though the TRD Pro and Trail Edition have access to the 4WD drivetrain only. The same six-speed automatic transmission is on offer here, too, but the TRD trims and Trail Edition can also be equipped with a six-speed manual.

If you only want the Tacoma for its looks, and never intend to put it to work, the base four-cylinder is passable, but if you ever want to tow or go off-road, then pass it over instead. The V6 unlocks the true potential of the vehicle, and it works best when paired with the manual gearbox.

The exact gas mileage you get will depend on how you configure your ride. If you settle for the starter four-cylinder engine, you can expect 20/23/21 mpg city/highway/combined with the RWD and 19/22/20 mpg with the 4WD. The V6 is not only more powerful, but returns the same consumption figures in mixed driving conditions of 19/24/21 mpg with RWD and 18/22/20 mpg with 4WD. However, those numbers apply to the V6 with the automatic gearbox. The least efficient setup uses the manual gearbox, which can only be paired with the V6 engine and four-wheel drivetrain. In this guise, the EPA estimates fuel economy at 17/21/18 miles per gallon, with the Double Cab TRD Pro losing another mile per gallon on the highway. But, since it comes outfitted with a 21.1-gallon fuel tank, the Tacoma can still traverse about 443 miles between pit stops in its most efficient configuration.

If you want anything better than cloth upholstery, you'll have to upgrade to at least the Limited trim. On the SR, you get Cement Gray cloth only and Black cloth with Red accent stitching is added as a choice on the SR5. In the Trail Edition, the standard black fabric gets unique tan contrast stitching. The TRD Sport and Off-Road each get Cement/Black combination fabric, while the latter can be specified with Black Leather if you are willing to cough up an extra $3,815 for the Premium Package. Once you reach the Limited level, Hickory leather becomes standard, with Black available too. However, the black leather cannot be had with the Windchill Pearl, Magnetic Gray, or Midnight Black paint unless you also spec the Nightshade Special Edition Package for $1,000 or $1,425, depending on the paint choice. The top-of-the-line TRD Pro gets the highest quality black leather with TRD Pro logos on the headrests. As for the rest of the cabin, hard plastic is present throughout, showing the rugged durability of the Tacoma. True to this philosophy, construction is solid.

How much cargo space you have all depends on the bed length you choose when configuring your truck. Measurements for the five-foot bed are 60.5 inches lengthwise, 41.5 inches in width, and 19.1 inches high. The longer six-foot bed adds an extra 13.2 inches of length. In either setup, you get access to loads of space, but exactly how much you can carry will depend on the specific payload capacity of the configuration you select. Here, you have to trade power and capability for GVWR, as some 4x4 Double Cab options only allow for a payload of up to 1,095 lbs, while the 4x2 Access Cab increases this to 1,685 lbs.

Around the cabin, there are not a lot of storage options. A few bins around the center console and some narrow door pockets can hold the smallest of items. But, if you want to stow anything larger, your only option is the glove compartment or the center armrest cubby.

Toyota Tacoma
III Double Cab 3.5 V6 (278 HP) Automatic
26 700 - 44 075 USD
22 offers
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