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The new Toyota Tundra pickup truck is big and powerful

The first show of this car took place in 1999. It received the T150s index in the name which is almost similar to its competitor in this segment the F-150 from Ford. Subsequently the Americans filed a lawsuit. The Japanese company was forced to change the car name so it became known as Tundra.

The second Toyota Tundra generation was presented to users in 2006 at a car show held in Chicago. If you compare it with the first model the changes will be very large. The car has become much more representative in appearance. Changes have appeared inside as well as in technical terms.

After going on sale the pickup model from the Japanese manufacturer was often updated. Especially many different innovations were introduced in 2013. The car went through a major restyling and was shown to motorists at the Chicago Auto Show. Changes took place in the exterior, the power units were improved and the interior was also modernized. The list of equipment that can be ordered for a car has been increased.

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The second version of the Toyota Tundra is presented in an aggressive, eye-catching design. The vehicle is great even with its large dimensions. The front of the car looks very powerful. The new radiator grille made in a different form has become larger. The hood is quite massive. On its sides there are LED headlights. They are quite compact. The standard front bumper is robust. If you look at the car from the outside you can take it for a typical representative of American pickup models. You will see the same massiveness and roughness of forms, embossed sides, large square wheel arches, vertical lights, a solid rear bumper.

Dimensions and interior of Toyota Tundra

The second Tundra version is released in 3 different modifications. It may be with:

  • two doors;
  • four doors;
  • enlarged cab.

Different platforms are offered for the first two options. It can be a regular platform or a platform for long loads.

Depending on the modification the length of the car ranges from 5239 to 6289 mm. The height is 1920-1941 mm. Machine width is 2029 mm. The center distance is also different depending on the version of the car (standard or extended) and is equal to 3220-4180 mm. The ground clearance the same for all Toyota Tundra modifications is 260 mm.

The interior of the car cannot be called ordinary. It is comparable to a good presentable SUV. A large four-spoke steering wheel with control functions is installed in this car. A dashboard is designed in a simple style without unnecessary buttons. In the center there is an 8-inch screen and a large climate control unit. Finishing materials used inside are quite high quality. These are expensive plastic, a lot of leather, wood and metal inserts.

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The front row has large and wide seats with minimal lateral support. There is also a lot of space for second-row passengers (if any). A comfortable sofa provides enough space for people sitting in the back.

Other benefits of Toyota Tundra

The second generation of the car has a large platform. Its length can be from 1680 mm to 2740 mm depends on the configuration of the model. The depth also varies between 500 mm and 1690 mm. The car can carry from 725 to 950 kg of various cargoes.

For this model the manufacturer offers a choice of three gasoline engines. The gearbox can be of two types. Models with different drives are also available. For the standard version a V-shaped gasoline engine with a volume of 4 liters is installed. The power of this unit is 270 "horses" and 376 Nm of torque. For this motor a five-speed automatic transmission is paired. The rear-wheel drive is used in this configuration. In combined mode fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is 13.4-13.8 liters.

An official dealer is the best opportunity to buy a new car. Due to the presence of all model configurations it won’t be difficult to choose a car for your requirements. For other modifications motors of 4.7 and 5.7 liters are available. The first has a capacity of 310 horsepower and 460 Nm of torque. The second is characterized by a power of 381 h/p and 401 Nm of torque. Such motors consume from 14.7 to 15.7 liters of fuel for every hundred kilometers. For both the first and second options rear-wheel drive is installed. For the maximum equipped version it is possible to install four-wheel drive.




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