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The Volkswagen brand is well known to everyone who has ever encountered cars. This brand symbolizes German practicality and reliability in the production of machines. The concept of the "people's car", which is embodied in the name of the company, has always been the leading line in the manufacture of these German cars.

Today the Volkswagen brand brings to the market a range of excellent performance models. Moreover, such machines are beautiful on the outside, comfortable on the inside and technically close to perfection. The manufacturer firmly holds positions in sales of mid-range cars for everyday use. There are no supercars or pompous cars in its lineup, but among European family cars for everyday use, Volkswagen is unmatched.

Official Volkswagen dealers offer a full range of new vehicles from this manufacturer. You can choose the most convenient and profitable seller using our website. Thanks to the prevalence of this brand, we will be able to buy a new Volkswagen in your city.

Brand development

Unlike many other European car manufacturers, which were created by designers and businessmen, Volkswagen was created by direct directive of the German government in the 30s of the last century. It was then that the leadership of the Third Rake challenged leading German automotive designers to produce an affordable car for the middle class. The main characteristics and price were set, and an initial sketch was created. The responsible engineer was appointed Ferdinand Porsche, thanks to whose innovations Volkswagen developed the production of its own cars from scratch.

Successful civilian developments of the plant served as the basis for the production of military amphibious vehicles during the Second World War.

In the post-war years, Volkswagen's main production facilities fell under British control. This made it possible to quickly restore production of cars. Already in 1955, the company solemnly celebrated the release of its millionth car. In addition, this period coincided with an active promotion to the international market. The Americas and Australia have become new sales locations for Volkswagen vehicles.

Today the company supplies its products with all the latest innovations in automotive technology. At the same time, thanks to intelligent design, an affordable price for new Volkswagen vehicles is maintained.

The Volkswagen concern is successfully adjusting to the existing requirements for cars and strictly follows the main trends in the development of the automotive industry. A wide dealer seat allows you to buy new cars of this brand all over the world. At the same time, the concern shares the models that are supplied to America, Europe and Asia. This approach allows you to actively promote your products on the market.

New cars

Volkswagen cars are very affordable today. Thanks to a wide dealer network, they can be bought everywhere. The dynamic marketing of this manufacturer offers the buyer both updated classic models and technical innovations. And if the dealer is near me, you can really buy a cool car.

Speaking of Volkswagen, one cannot fail to mention the legendary Beetle model. This car became the most produced car in the world, which was produced in one technical version. For 57 years, more than 21 million of these machines have been rolled off the assembly line. The popularity became possible due to the technical simplicity and reliability, as well as the successful design. An updated version of this machine is still relevant today. "New Beetle" is successfully produced in several countries and is sold in the official dealer network. This is a great option for your first car.

Family city cars are the staple of the Volkswagen range. We recommend paying attention to the Golf Polo and Jetta models. They are well suited for a small family due to the comfortable interior and spacious trunk.

The full-size Passat CC models are comfortable and practical. They have a respectable appearance and improved performance of the power plant. Depending on the purpose and taste of the car owner, you can pick up cars of these brands in the body of a sedan, station wagon or hatchback.

Good alternatives to these models are the Sharan minivan and the Touran compact van. The increased height of the car and comfortable seats for passengers will allow you to comfortably travel long distances. And economical engines allow them to be actively used in everyday driving.

Minibuses Volkswagen of the Transporter series are among the most common in their class. The fourth and fifth generations of these machines are produced in the following classes:

  • freight;
  • passenger;
  • cargo and passenger transportation.

With resourceful engines and good lifting capacity for their size, they are among the best-selling machines in this segment.

Our site allows you to choose a new Volkswagen car in your area. Using our selection criteria, you can buy a first-class vehicle that will last a long time.

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