Volkswagen Arteon
Shooting Brake (facelift 2020) 2.0 TSI (280 Hp) 4MOTION DSG
40 750 - 49 550 usd
Lease price: $956 - $682
8 offers

Specifications of Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake (facelift 2020) 2.0 TSI (280 Hp) 4MOTION DSG

General characteristics of Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake (facelift 2020) 2.0 TSI (280 Hp) 4MOTION DSG

What you want in a big luxury car like this is comfort and composure, and the Arteon delivers both in spades. All models come standard with Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC), which is Volkswagen-speak for adaptive damping. It shows its worth by effortlessly soaking up bumps and divots with ease, and this is not just the case in Comfort mode. Switch to Sport and things tighten up but remain comfortable enough for you to leave the DCC in this mode every day. Again, this highlights Volkswagen's focus on making this a great alternative to the German big three's offerings, but it's still decent when you decide to drive with a little more vigor. The steering is accurate and light, albeit light on feel as well. Understeer is well-managed thanks to the standard XDS diff unless you drive like a moron, and the whole package feels smooth, balanced, and solid. Forget about road noise and rattles - this car is built to an exceptional standard. Sure, a Mercedes will always be quieter and comfier, but at this price point, the Arteon remains a standout performer, even if its balance lies more on the comfort side of the spectrum.

Two years ago, we all but raved about the Arteon and since its 2021 update, a new Volkswagen Arteon is now a better proposition than ever. It's prettier, more elegant inside, still offers a compliant ride, now has more than enough power to feel swift, and loads of space. This area is one in which the Arteon especially outshines its competitors, in terms of both cargo volume and passenger room. There's plenty of standard tech, including a new digital driver cluster and a better infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, the trim structure is simple and straightforward, making it easy for you to choose the ideal model. It's not terribly expensive, even though it looks like it is, and with Volkswagen's attention to detail and ergonomic design shining through alongside excellent build quality, the question isn't if you should buy this particular budget-friendly four-door coupe, but rather, why wouldn't you? Good job VW, this is an outstanding product and we're not sure why we don't see more on the road.

For 2022, Kia has updated the Stinger with more features, improved trim, and a new 300-hp base engine that matches the 2022 Arteon on power output. Like the Arteon, the Kia remains fantastic to look at, but unlike the VW, this car is much more sporty thanks to its standard rear-wheel drivetrain. It lacks the finesse of the Arteon over bumps but is available with a powerful twin-turbo 3.3-liter engine that would leave the Arteon for dead. It's a little less practical than the VeeDub from both a rear passenger and cargo perspective and hasn't quite got the build quality of the German car. That said, the Stinger is not harsh, not overly aggressive, and not unattainable. It also starts at around $4,000 less than the VW, and a top-spec model with the more potent V6 isn't much more than the Arteon. We love both cars here, so the choice is yours: comfort and practicality with the Arteon, or sportiness and power with the Stinger. Either way, you won't be disappointed.


Volkswagen Arteon
Shooting Brake (facelift 2020) 2.0 TSI (280 Hp) 4MOTION DSG
40 750 - 49 550 USD
8 offers
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