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New Volkswagen Atlas will receive increased cross-country ability

Volkswagen has been actively expanding its presence in the automotive market since the second half of the 90s of the last century. It was during this period that the company’s management set a course for the development of new affordable and high-quality models in all major classes of passenger vehicles. The desire to go beyond the brand previously known only as a manufacturer of modest and reliable city cars has stimulated the company's design bureau to innovate. The results which are based on the company's vast production experience pleasantly impress car owners. The new Volkswagen Atlas is a fine example of the evolution of SUVs from the German engineering concern.

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Start of model release

Volkswagen Atlas was launched in 2016. This model is a practical and versatile mid-size crossover. Prior to that the company already had experience in the production of cars similar in purpose. The new Volkswagen Atlas has excellent technical and driving characteristics. The car has a modern exterior made in the best traditions of the German manufacturer.

The company's designers tried to give the vehicle external features that distinguish it from its competitors. This includes a chrome-plated radiator grille with horizontal lines as well as an original design of the headlights. The running lights are made in a classic form and emphasize the sustained style of the car as a whole.

The roof rails look very good. In addition they can be used to place an external rack on them. The stern part is emphatically minimalistic. The only design feature is a horizontal silver plate with a model name that connects the taillights. Two symmetrically positioned exhaust pipes practically do not protrude beyond the dimensions of the rear bumper and are distinguished only by a metal edging.

Main characteristics

The popularity of the Volkswagen Atlas model has led to the release of a large number of its modifications. At the same time both all-wheel drive versions are available as well as machines with only a front drive axle. The main difference in the modifications is the installed engine and additional equipment.

The older version of the Volkswagen Atlas is equipped with a 3.6-liter six-cylinder petrol engine. This unit is equipped with a direct injection system and develops power of 276 h/p at a torque of 6200 rpm. The torque at 2750 rpm is 266 Nm.

In an effort to provide the most simple and efficient control the manufacturer installed an 8-speed robotic gearbox in the Volkswagen Atlas. This model does not belong to economical vehicles because speed and power are in the first place. The EPA is 16 mpg for the city and 22 mpg for the highway. With a fuel tank of 18.6 gallons the total mileage in the city will be 297 miles with a single gas station and 409 miles on the highway.

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Despite the fact that the manufacturer positions the Volkswagen Atlas as a mid-size car its real dimensions command respect on the road. The car has the following dimensions:

  • length - 198 inches;
  •  width - 78 inches;
  • height - 70 inches;
  • wheelbase - 117 inches.

Thanks to these parameters this vehicle can carry 7 passengers at once. There are three rows of seats in it and the third rear row is traditionally easy to fold. In this case the trunk of the car is increased in volume from 20.6 cubic feet to 55.5 cubic feet. If you need to transport bulky items then you can fold the second row of seats and get a luggage volume of 96.8 feet.

The car is equipped with massive wheels with a diameter of 21 inches. At the same time the standard size of a car tire is P265 / 45HR21. These wheels make it easier to travel on country roads and soft ground.

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