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New Volkswagen Atlas will receive increased cross-country ability

Volkswagen's marketing policy has become more flexible and customer-oriented over the past 20 years. This car manufacturer, one of the world's leading companies, has significantly expanded its range. This solution makes it possible to have competitive and well-sold cars in almost all categories of passenger vehicles. It is pleasant to note that the concern has begun to produce universal crossovers including the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport model. Due to its good technical characteristics this SUV is one of the most demanded on the market.

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Features of the machine

The Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport went on sale in 2020 which was 4 years later than the base model. Its key differences are:

  • shorter length;
  • 5 passenger seats instead of 7;
  • redesigned front end.

Thus the model is aimed at those who are quite satisfied with the standard 5 seats. This decision is quite logical because cars of this class are often used as family vehicles but the total number of passengers carried is still no more than 5. It is assumed that large families purchase specialized transport for moving, for example, minibuses and not SUVs.

There are quite a few sports features in the design of the car. Of course the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is not a racing car, but this is exactly the idea that marketers have tried to develop among modern drivers who love high speed.

The nose section is decorated with a large number of chrome elements. The extensive air intake grilles are horizontally separated in two parts with a narrow bumper. The front and the hood of the car are rather streamlined. The headlights seem to be smoothed over the body. The back is more elegant than the base model. The exhaust pipes are also symmetrically located at the edges in the lower part of the bumper. Each pipe is still split in half so it looks like the car has 5 of them.

Despite its impressive size the car is very streamlined and has a drag coefficient. This helps it to better use of the power plant’s capabilities.

The interior of the car is designed for a long and comfortable ride for both the driver and passengers. The comfortable steering wheel allows you to feel the road very accurately and make turns. The seats of the car are made in a sporty style.

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Main technical characteristics

As a result of the car modification only the body of the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport has undergone changes and its chassis and wheelbase remain the same. The machine has the following maximum dimensions

  • length - 195.5 inches;
  • width - 78.3 inches;
  • height - 68.8 inches;
  • wheelbase - 117.3 inches.

A six-cylinder engine with 24-valves and a direct injection mechanism is installed in this vehicle. The displacement of this unit is 220 cubic inches. The main engine block is cast iron and the cylinder head is aluminum. Engine power is 276 h/p and torque is 266 Nm.

The gear ratio is controlled by an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The transmission is very smooth and responsive to engine rpm.

Although the car due to the extensive wheel arches can be fitted with 21-inch wheels as on the base model the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is equipped with 20-inch alloy wheels. The manufacturer supplies the car with a set of excellent Goodyear Assurance Finesse 255 / 50R-20 105T tires.

Together the engine, transmission and chassis provide the car with an EPA fuel consumption of 25 mpg at 75 mph on the highway. However it should be remembered that the actual level of fuel consumption in the city is slightly higher.

How to find a car dealer

The new Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is delivered by the manufacturer in six standard equipment packages two of which are premium models with state-of-the-art systems and devices in the automotive industry. All modifications are sold only by official dealers of the company.

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