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New Volkswagen Golf GTI breaks speed records

Since the mid-30s Volkswagen has been producing excellent and affordable cars that are optimally suited for everyday use. There are no supercars or racing cars in the company's model lineup adapted for urban conditions. At the same time in order to increase sales and the popularity of the brand the German Concert releases improved versions of conventional serial models assigning them a certain letter index. The Volkswagen Golf GTI is just such a car.

This modification is designed for fans who want to get the maximum quality and the best technical characteristics under any brand. You can buy a new Volkswagen Golf GTI from the company's authorized dealers. The car dealerships of these sellers allow you to familiarize yourself personally with the car before buying and evaluate all its advantages.

Differences from the basic version

The Volkswagen Golf GTI was first developed in 1976 two years after the main model entered the market. The advanced characteristics of the car ensured it a stable interest from the drivers. Although the Volkswagen Golf is originally an ordinary city car its sports modification managed to prove that even a standard C-class hatchback can have good dynamics.

The current eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf GTI is a modern and stylish car that is a worthy competitor in this segment of the vehicle market. An excellently matched power plant combined with a high-quality chassis helps it compete in agility and handling with older models.

The car is made according to the classic layout of a five-door hatchback with front-wheel drive. The heart of the car is the turbocharged gasoline engine. The power of this unit is 245 h/p. The transmission is carried out by a six-speed manual or seven-speed robotized gearbox. As a result this midsize car accelerates to 250 km / h.

Features of the model

The new Volkswagen Golf GTI of the eighth generation has the following dimensions:

  • wheelbase - 103.6 inches;
  • length - 168 inches;
  • width - 70.8 inches;
  • height - 57.8 inches.

It should be noted that the car doesn’t have the largest dimensions but is equipped with 18-inch wheels which gives it good stability on the road. The appearance of the car differs from the usual version of the Volkswagen Golf. The designers and constructors did a particularly good job on the frontal part. It has a streamlined shape and looks very stylish. The upper part at the level of the headlights is almost solid and contains only a decorative horizontal black line with the company's logo placed on it. In this model the entire bottom practically is occupied by a massive and wide air intake grille. The running lights are integrated into this grille but not into the body which gives the car a certain character. The wide air intake is designed to improve ventilation of the engine compartment on the road and contribute to more efficient engine cooling.

It is difficult to distinguish certain features in the main body of the car. At the same time the harmony and style of the sports hatchback are immediately visible. The flowing lines of the body are a continuation of the streamlined bonnet. The whole appearance of the car suggests that it is designed for fast and energetic driving. The side mirrors are equipped with turn repeaters in the form of a horizontal line. Under them on the front fenders there are small plates with the abbreviation "GTI" indicating that this car belongs to the sports class.

The rear of the body gradually decreases in height starting with the front row of seats. And although it is below the maximum body height the fifth door looks quite comfortable for quick and complete access to the trunk. The chrome-plated exhaust pipes symmetrically located on both sides of the car do an excellent job performing their functions.

With the help of our website electronic database you can quickly find an official dealer near me. Personal choice of a car will give you a chance to understand whether it is convenient for you or not.

Car purchase procedure

When buying a Volkswagen Golf GTI we recommend that you pay attention to the trim and equipment of its interior. The driving position is comfortable and practical. All instruments and controls are ergonomically positioned. On the steering wheel there are buttons for accessing the multimedia system. To the right of the steering wheel there is a bright and high-contrast display that shows the traffic situation and information about the car systems operation.

Particular attention is paid to the seats in the first row. Although the interior is made of quality velor and not leather the shape of the seats is simply superb.

The sale of the new Volkswagen Golf GTI is carried out by the official dealers of the manufacturer on the most favorable terms. The most responsible and trusted sellers have been selected on our site. We work only with companies that get good reviews from car buyers.



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