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The new Chevrolet Bolt is a great electric car that has surpassed all the expectations of motorists fighting for a cleaner and greener planet. It sets itself apart from other models in the hybrid and electric class with its long range, fast acceleration and playful handling. The Bolt EV also has a spacious cab and a large cargo area. However its seats can use extra cushioning and the cabin is made of tougher plastic than many motorists would expect from a stylish hatchback.

Buying Bolt EV without unnecessary problems

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Chevrolet Bolt interior: quality plus comfort

The sale of this model is growing every year and the reason for this is the compactness and versatility of the car. The Bolt EV has a minimalist cockpit with good build quality. Yes, the Chevrolet Bolt is incomparable for example with pickups but it is ideal for fast driving on busy city streets. This Chevy can accommodate up to five people. Cloth upholstery is standard and leather seats are also available. Other options include heated front and rear seats and the leather steering wheel also has this function. Both rows have plenty room for heads and legs to accommodate comfortably two adults. The seats can use additional cushioning. For child seats there are two complete sets of LATCH connectors for the rear outboard seats and an anchor for anchoring in the rear center seat. Navigation and infotainment is also top notch in this car. It is simple and easy to use. Controls are located under the large touchscreen and the display has an intuitive menu including tracking range and battery settings. Standard infotainment features:

  • 10.2-inch touch screen;
  • "Apple CarPlay";
  • Android system for cars;
  • Bluetooth;
  • two USB connectors;
  • access to Wi-Fi;
  • radio and stereo system with six speakers.

Additional standard features include remote start, pushbutton start and automatic climate control.

Chevrolet Bolt Specifications

The Chevrolet Bolt is powered by a 66kW lithium-ion battery and electric motor which together produce 200 horsepower and 266 Nm of torque. This setup provides many possibilities. Acceleration occurs quickly both when stopping and when there are sudden power surges required for highway driving.

The 2021 Bolt EV MPGe boasts optimal energy consumption both in the city and on the highway according to the EPA rating. These are good numbers for this class of electric vehicles. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates the Bolt has a range of 259 miles. This is the longest range for electric vehicles in the car market. The Chevy set includes a 7.2kW charging module and a portable 120V charging cord. Also 240V charging is available. You can program to charge your vehicle while plugged in or schedule off-peak charging time for lower rates. Using a standard charger and a 120 volt household outlet you can fully charge this electric vehicle's battery in 5-6 hours. Upgrading to a 240-volt charger boosts the speed to 25 mph and takes approximately 10 hours to fully charge. How long does the battery last? Many conditions affect battery life, so it is difficult to give an accurate answer on how long it will last. Chevy provides an eight-year battery warranty. Like other hybrids and electric vehicles this Chevy has a regenerative braking system. It can be toggled using the Regen on Demand switch next to the steering wheel. In the standard Drive mode the brakes work in the same way as in a car with a gas engine. If you want to buy such a vehicle visit our website. The official dealer knows everything about the Chevrolet Bolt and will provide detailed inflation and help you buy it at a bargain price.



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