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The new Chevrolet Low Cab Forward is a reliable truck

The Chevrolet Low Cab Forward car series includes strong trucks. They are equipped with petrol or diesel power units. Designed for transportation of bulky, large and bulky goods. Thanks to their different wheelbases, these cars can adapt to anybody. Such transport is ideal for transporting furniture, building materials, frozen food, heavy equipment. This range includes many modifications, so you can choose the best option for the cab, engine, wheelbase and other components. This versatility makes such models in demand today. They are chosen by both large enterprises and small organizations. In any case, the trucks do all the work.


Chevrolet Low Cab Forward cars have good looks. It is a massive cab and chassis. At the front are powerful headlights and the brand's signature logo. The windshield is optimally sized for excellent visibility. The wheels are massive. There are large rear-view mirrors on the sides of the body. The sale of such trucks is very popular due to their versatility.

Features of the models

These trucks are built to be useful and productive. Such models are designed to be spacious, efficient and functional. The driver can clearly see the road. This is ensured by the design of the overhead cab. The interior design is convenient for people who carry out a lot of loading and transportation. The cab also features easy access to the engine compartment, which greatly simplifies maintenance of the machine.

The design of the vehicles is designed so that the main length of the vehicle is allocated for the cargo. This ensures maneuverability even in confined spaces.

The interior is quite functional. Everything here is thought out for the convenience of the driver. The seats have reclining backrests. The dashboard is equipped with different compartments for storing essential items. There are also niches on the doors, pockets on the back of the seats.

The vehicle is equipped with anti-lock brakes on all 4 wheels - this increases handling and stability. Round headlamps and side marker lights contribute to excellent visibility.

The Chevrolet Low Cab Forward line of cars includes the following models:

  • transport with a gasoline engine 3500 and 4500 LCF;
  • diesel view 4500 HD / XD and 5500HD / XD with LCD display;
  • 6500XD diesel powered machines.

The latest models offer the owner all the power they need to get the job done. This truck is versatile with 8 wheelbase configurations. They are equipped with a 5.2 liter turbodiesel and develop 215 horsepower. The engine is running with an automatic transmission. Chevrolet Low Cab Forward 6500XD trucks have wide open front doors that provide easy entry to the cab. At the bottom there is a wide step on which the cornering lights are located. There is a ride height mirror on the passenger side. This model is perfectly equipped with powerful wheels, pneumatic brakes. To purchase it, you can enter "dealer near me" in the search engine.

All businesses have different challenges, so the Chevrolet Low Cab Forward can be equipped with gas or diesel power units for high performance and efficiency. For the 3500 and 4500 models, it is offered: a 6.6-liter gasoline engine, a 6-speed gearbox, 350 horsepower. For the 4500 HD, 4500 XD, 5500 HD and 5500 XD machines, a 5.2 liter 215 horsepower diesel engine.

The new Chevrolet Low Cab Forward is a two-door or four-door medium-duty truck. All cars in this series are rear-wheel drive. For safety, belts, airbags and a number of innovative systems are provided here, which also add confidence in the management of such vehicles. An official dealer will provide detailed information about any model and help you to purchase it profitably.


The interior of such cars is very comfortable and spacious. The seats are upholstered in fabric. The front passenger seat is single, but can be folded to accommodate 2 people. An excellent entertainment program is the powerful audio system and the ability to connect a smartphone via Bluetooth.

This series of cars are trucks that are presented in two generations. The first generation - Chevrolet W-Series was released in 2006. The second generation began to be produced in 2017.

Any model from this series can be bought by those who are engaged in transportation. This is convenient for many businesses. This truck handles complex tasks with ease. Ideal for transporting various equipment and tools, furniture, huge equipment and other goods.



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