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New Chevrolet Malibu - stylish modern car

The North American automobile company Chevrolet is widely known for producing successful models of its cars for decades. Continuous modification of the produced vehicles provides them with a long stay on the conveyor and access to the market. The Chevrolet Malibu was first introduced to the public back in 1964 and has since gone through a rebranding and a number of major modifications. Today this model is one of the most successful in the line of medium-sized cars of the company. Thanks to its good technical characteristics, reliability and ease of use, it still receives positive feedback from drivers.

Chevrolet has a wide network of authorized dealers. Auto dealerships that represent the products of this division of the General Motors concern are located throughout the country. The large number of sellers from whom you can buy a new Chevrolet Malibu allows you to approach this issue thoroughly and slowly. With the help of our site, in any case, you will find a car with the desired configuration and the necessary parameters, while you can often find an authorized dealer near me.

Model history

The original Chevrolet Malibu was marketed under the Chevrolet Chevelle name and was a mid-size vehicle. High competition in this segment and the constant struggle for sales volumes with other large American auto companies actively stimulated Chevrolet to constantly improve this car modification and use various marketing moves.

Its final name was Chevrolet Malibu in 1978. This move was aimed at emphasizing the high performance of the car in its class. Already at that time, the car had a perfectly balanced body, suspension, engine and transmission. The company adheres to this rule today, selling really good cars.

The current ninth generation Chevrolet Malibu is significantly different from its predecessors. This is a stylish and modern car that will be relevant on the market for a long time. According to the European classification, it belongs to the D-class and is a large family car. Its dimensions make it convenient to move 5 people of any size, and thoughtful comfort is perfectly felt even after many hours of travel.

The general exterior of the Chevrolet Malibu is made in the same design line with the latest developments of the company. A low, streamlined bonnet is common on many models from the American car manufacturer. The horizontally extended headlights grip both the front and the side of the nose of the car. A small radiator grill is below their level.

The designers paid a lot of attention to the manufacture and placement of the front marker lights. In the Chevrolet Malibu model, they have a slim C-shape. Such a solution attracts the attention of others, even during the day.

The rear of the car is more like the body of a sports car. The taillights are shaped like a narrow tapering trapezoid, which gives them a somewhat aggressive look. The boot lid is adorned with a company emblem, the same as on the radiator grille. The two tailpipes, which are symmetrically positioned along the edges of the lower bumper, give a special style.

The Chevrolet Malibu is the choice of drivers who value practicality in a stylish body. The car attracts attention with its streamlined body, graceful contours of the trunk lid and excellent aerodynamics. The convenient search system, which our website is equipped with, will allow you to choose exactly the modification of the Chevrolet Malibu that interests you. In addition, the required model is usually on sale from several official dealers of the company at once, which allows you to choose the most reasonable price and a package of pre-sale services.

How to choose a car

Chevrolet Malibu, in addition to a harmonious exterior, offers its owner excellent comfort in a spacious cabin. This is a truly full-size car model, which is designed to accommodate five passengers of any weight. The car has the following dimensions:

  • ground clearance - 15.5 cm;
  • length - 486 cm;
  • wheelbase - 273.8 cm;
  •  width - 1854 itself.

The weight of the machine can vary depending on the installed power plant and can reach 1965 kg. So, as the initial engine on this car, a gasoline four-cylinder turbocharged engine is installed, the working volume of which is 1.5 liters. Thanks to a modified design, the power of this small unit reaches 165 horsepower. Even this power is enough to accelerate the full-size sedan to 208 km / h.

The older model of the engine has a volume of 2 liters and a capacity of 254 horsepower. With such indicators, the car accelerates to 250 km / h. Six airbags are responsible for the safety of passengers when driving at such a speed.


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