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New Chevrolet Sonic

The market for powerful and expensive cars is of interest to many car fans but in reality only a small proportion of drivers buy them. While remaining primarily a means of transportation the car must provide sufficient comfort and performance at a reasonable cost of maintenance. Chevrolet throughout its history has always had mid-range models in its garage for those who just need a car to drive saving time on public transport. The Sonic is a simple and compact vehicle with a stylish design line shared by older Chevrolet models.

Due to its relatively low price this model is very affordable and is available for sale in most car dealerships of the company's official dealers. However the modification of the machine you need may not always be available. Our site has an extensive electronic database of all companies that sell Chevrolet Sonic. This will help you save maximum time when buying a car.

Features of the development of the model

The Chevrolet Sonic has been sold in the North American automotive market since 2002. This is one of the most economical and compact models in the company's lineup. When developing it, the main goal was to create a light, small-sized and at the same time stylish car at an affordable price. It is gratifying to note that the company, whose main focus is the production of mid-size and full-size cars, approached the design of the Sonic model very seriously. In addition to a good calculation of all components and assemblies combination attention was paid to the design of the machine. For the most successful result the designers of the car studio ItalDesign were involved in this work who took part in the creation of visual images of the most stylish cars in the world.

Chevrolet did not limit itself to one basic modification of the Sonic and released the car in several bodies at once:

  • hatchback;
  • sedan.

The result is a very successful vehicle. To boost sales of Chevrolet Sonic around the world the manufacturer actively uses the practice of rebranding and sells this model under separate names in different geographic market segments. It is very easy to buy it using our website.

Main settings

The first thing that draws attention to when meeting with the Chevrolet Sonic is its size. This subcompact car has the following dimensions in a sedan body:

  • length - 173.9 inches;
  • wheelbase - 99.4 inches;
  • width - 68.3 inches;
  • height - 59.7 inches.

In the hatchback modification the car has a slightly larger dimensions but it still belongs to the class of subcompact cars. Despite its size the car has a coherent and harmonious appearance. The streamlined body gives the car good aerodynamics and although it is not designed for high speeds it helps to reduce drag when driving.

When sold the car is usually fitted with 15-inch rims. This wheel size provides good grip and excellent handling on paved roads. Front-wheel drive helps the car to be maneuverable and manageable in traffic jams.

The base engine for this car is a 1.6 liter gasoline unit. Thanks to its turbocharging it develops torque of 148 lbs per inch at 1850 rpm. Maximum power of 138 h/p is reached at 4900 rpm. The 16-valve design makes this engine quite efficient and economical: in the urban cycle the EPA is 26 mpg and on the highway it rises to 34 mpg. With a fuel tank capacity of 12.2 gallons it is easy to plan long trips at one gas station on this vehicle.

A 6-speed automatic transmission is responsible for transmitting torque to the wheels. It operates smoothly fully adapting to the owner's driving style.

The new Chevrolet Sonic has excellent driving characteristics. When sold, 15-inch rims are usually installed in the car. This wheel size provides reliable grip of the Chevrolet Sonic on the road surface.

How to choose a car

This machine is primarily intended for everyday individual and family use. When buying, attention should be paid to ensuring maximum ride comfort. Basic equipment includes 4 airbags, anti-lock braking system, daytime running lights, audio system with satellite radio, rear view camera, electric power steering and air conditioning.

By agreement the seller provides the delivery of the machine with additional equipment, the list of which is quite extensive. With the help of our website you can find an authorized dealer near me who will fully satisfy the current requests regarding the Chevrolet Sonic.


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