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New Toyota Avalon is popular with businessmen

The quality of Toyota vehicles is achieved by careful calculation of the vehicle design, control of all assembly processes, as well as the use of high-quality components. Regardless of which segment you prefer the car of this Japanese manufacturer, the car will provide maximum comfort for the driver and passengers, as well as excellent driving performance. This feature is fully disclosed on full-size vehicles. We recommend that you pay attention to the Toyota Avalon, which by its own example demonstrates the perfection of automotive technology.

Toyota cars are sold by official dealers of the company. The North American network of car dealerships is quite wide, but it should be borne in mind that not all sellers can boast of the full range of the model range. In addition, a Toyota Avalon of the required modification may not always be available. Our site will help you choose and purchase the desired car from a trusted and reliable dealer.

Features of the machine

Business class cars, or segment E according to the European classification, began to actively move into the market from the mid-80s, when the differentiation of cars by category began to manifest itself most clearly. These cars, which include the Toyota Avalon, have such features as:

  • full-size body;
  • expensive interior trim;
  • widespread use of systems and units that simplify management;
  • powerful motors providing good dynamics.

The first modification of the Toyota Avalon entered the market in 1995 and immediately received the status of a flagship sedan from a Japanese car manufacturer. It should be noted, however, that the model is produced only in the United States at an auto assembly plant in Kentucky. The initial focus on the North American segment led to improved performance that allowed it to successfully compete with similar models from other manufacturers.

Throughout its stay on the market, the machine is consistently in demand among buyers. The Toyota Avalon is not the most widely used vehicle of its brand, but it certainly has the highest performance and balanced design.

When building the exterior of the Avalon model, Toyota designers were faced with the task of creating a body that, with all its significant dimensions, would look elegant and harmonious. The appearance of the model immediately characterizes it as a top-class car. Perfect balance of details and original design solutions make it very attractive.

The nose of the latest, fifth generation Toyota Avalon is almost completely occupied by the grille. It is large and gives the car an aggressive look. Depending on the modification, the grille can be chrome or completely black.

The rear part has an interesting design solution in the form of a red insert that visually connects the stop lamps. The trapezoidal exhaust pipes are located symmetrically on both sides near the rear wheels.

The interior of the car can be described in just two words: luxury and comfort. The salon is designed for 5 passengers, and no matter what seat you occupy, it will be impeccably comfortable. The size of the cabin leaves 102.6 cubic feet. Leather trim, electrically adjustable seats and dual-zone climate control make driving the Toyota Avalon comfortable, even if you have to cross the whole country. The installed satellite radio with an improved audio system will make the trip not boring.

The electronic database of our site is up-to-date and is always updated. We partner with stores that receive high ratings from users. The information available to us will help you find an authorized dealer near me selling the entire Toyota Avalon range in minutes. It will also help you make your purchase more profitable, saving you money.

Main technical characteristics

The new Toyota Avalon is one of the world's leading large sedans. Many people abandon exclusive comfort in favor of practicality. However, together with the Toyota Avalon, this choice will not have to be made. The perfectly balanced chassis is optimally matched with a powerful and resourceful power plant. The driving performance of the car is perfectly revealed when driving on the highway and around the city.

Although the Toyota Avalon is a heavy full-size car, the 3.5-liter V-engine with 301 horsepower installed in the older version does an excellent job with its function. So, the car acceleration from 0 to 60 mph takes only 7.7 seconds, which is very good for an E-class vehicle. With these features, the EPA is 22 mpg in the city and 32 mpg when driving on the highway. The dimensions of the Toyota Avalon are quite large:

  • length – 195.9 inches
  • width – 72.8 inches;
  • height – 56.7 inches;
  • wheelbase –113 inches;

Despite the dimensions indicated, the vehicle turns around with a radius of only 38.7 feet.

How to buy a car correctly

When purchasing a Toyota Avalon, it is worth remembering that the final cost will depend on the equipment with additional systems. Some official dealers have promotional offers from the manufacturer, this approach will allow them to sell cars in a good configuration at a reduced price.


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