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New Toyota Corolla Hybrid embodies modern technology

Many car manufacturers are gradually converting their popular models to a hybrid configuration. Toyota is also trying to keep up with market trends. The popular and marketed Corolla was released in a hybrid version. The car received high dynamic performance, excellent handling. Innovative self-charging capabilities are available for the hybrid engine of the car. The company's engineers used new solutions in the development and design.

Toyota Corolla car is one of the best-selling cars in the world. Now the car has received new opportunities. Changes affected its characteristics and appearance, interior. A number of vehicle technologies have been changed and improved. One of the main changes was a significant improvement in auto safety functions. Now the Toyota Corolla sedan is back with even better features and performance.

Buy new Toyota Corolla Hybrid, available from authorized dealer. The company offers cars in different colours and configurations. All presented models are new, with a manufacturer's warranty. With us, each customer receives the most attractive conditions for cooperation. It will not be difficult to choose a car for the characteristics that are required by the client.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid has received an updated and modern exterior design. The headlights are redesigned. The radiator grille has been enlarged, which immediately attracts attention. The wheel arches were made more massive and larger, adding brutality to the car. A lot of attention was also paid to the aft stern. It has become much better, which made it possible to distinguish the car from its competitors. The car will appeal to all motorists, without exception, for its fuel consumption. For mixed mode, it is between 3.8 and 4.1 litters per 100 km. For a car with such dimensions, the fuel consumption is simply excellent.

Features of the Hybrid Toyota Corolla

Car prices depend on the configuration. Versions are available for buyers:

  • Style;
  • Active;
  • GR Sport.

For these configurations, the manufacturer installs R17 rims. High quality LEDs and optics for the headlights, the taillights also come with LEDs. Windscreen wipers with installed rain sensors. There is a heated windshield.

When the official dealer is near me, buying a car is much easier. The company offers the best conditions for purchasing a car. Our managers will help you with the choice, tell you about all the advantages of a car, its possible disadvantages. All contacts for communication are on the company's website. The client can always test drive the car. Having driven a car, you can fully feel its comfort and dynamic capabilities.

The hybrid model Toyota Corolla stands out from the general flow of cars on the city street, with its graceful features and beautiful body lines. In addition, the interior of the car has been updated. The car is economical, thanks to the hybrid installation, the fuel consumption is very low. This is achieved by using both fuel and electrical energy.

Other features of the Corolla Hybrid

The new version of the Toyota Corolla hybrid has received various changes and benefits. The car can do without being connected to the electrical network. The hybrid battery can be charged automatically. This is due to the conversion of excess energy, which is generated when the gasoline engine is running, during deceleration and braking. Both power units in the machine are controlled automatically. Basically, it all depends on the conditions on the road and the driving style of each driver. In this model, the company's engineers installed a continuously variable transmission. It works under the control of electronics, which improves the driving performance of the car.

In urban conditions, such a car is in great demand. With frequent stops and accelerations, you can use a hybrid installation. The machine will only operate on electric traction. Another advantage will be a high smoothness of movement and high acceleration. Traveling by car with such capabilities is distinguished by a sufficient degree of comfort for both the driver and passengers.

An official dealer is a great opportunity to purchase a new car at an affordable price. The company works with a direct manufacturer, so the buyer does not have to pay a lot of money for the car. We carry out service of the machine. In the presence of a large selection of original spare parts and components, various equipment.

All versions of the Toyota Corolla Hybrid come with front-wheel drive. A 1.8-liter hybrid engine is installed on the car. The maximum capacity of the battery of the accumulator is equal to 72 horsepower, for a gasoline engine 98 "horses". Acceleration to the first 100 kilometers occurs in 11 seconds. The maximum speed is 180 km / h. The total power of the hybrid installation in the car is 122 horsepower. The ground clearance is average, equal to 150 mm. The car has a pretty good trunk with a volume of 471 liters. The car has various systems that help on the road. They make it possible to avoid shocks and collisions, creating emergency situations.


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